Preschool Enrichment

Enrichment is all about surrounding your child with opportunities to interact with beautiful, good, loving, noble ideas that will nurture his spirit.

Handicrafts & Life Skills

Children like to feel that they are contributing something worthwhile to the family life. Young children, especially, are eager to use their hands to create and to help with household chores. So use these years to gently teach the right way to do tasks around the house and to establish a sense of fulfillment from a job well done. Some handicrafts and life skills that seem to fit well with younger children are listed below.


Finger painting
Hand Sewing
Rubber stamping
Spool-knitting or finger-knitting
Watercolor painting

Life Skills

Clearing the table
Folding towels
Setting the table
Sorting laundry
Sweeping the floor
Unloading groceries
Unloading the dishwasher
Wiping sinks and counters


Display large prints of great artists, one at a time. Mention the artist’s name and together identify items of interest in each picture. One picture every week or two is a nice pace that allows your child time to think on what he has seen and talked about.


Play the works of great composers in the background during meals or driving or nap time. Mention the composer’s name so the child becomes familiar with it and connects that music with that composer.


Read poetry aloud to your preschooler at least once a week. Some of our favorite poetry books for this age level are
My Little Book of Poems by Rebecca Heller
When We Were Very Young by A. A. Milne
Now We Are Six by A. A. Milne