Learning and Living Group Video Showing

It’s easy to host a Learning and Living video event! Your group will benefit from 12 sessions of Sonya Shafer’s teaching on the Charlotte Mason Method, filled with great ideas, hands-on experience with the methods, and practical homeschooling encouragement.

What You Will Need

To host your event, you’ll need a copy of the Learning and Living video series. Your group can purchase one copy for the entire group to watch together. Note that the videos cannot be shared for home viewing by your group; in that case each member of the group should purchase her own copy of the series.

Each person will need one Learning and Living notebook. Notebooks are available in print or e-book format. For group purchases, we are happy to offer a bulk order of 10% off 10 or more notebooks in the same order; the discount will be applied automatically during checkout when purchasing 10 or more notebooks.

Leader’s Guide

Download a free Leader’s Guide to help you organize and host your event. The Learning and Living Leader’s Guide contains practical hosting tips, several sample event schedules, detailed notes for each session, and optional discussion questions to make sure your event is a wonderful experience for everyone. (Note: The Leader’s Guide references Learning and Living DVDs. The Learning and Living videos are now available as digital videos only.)

Share the Fun

We would love to hear about your video event! Feel free to leave comments and post photos on our SCM Facebook page for all to enjoy.