Speaking Requests

Sonya Shafer

Sonya Shafer is a popular homeschool speaker and writer, specializing in the Charlotte Mason Method. She has been on an adventure for more than 20 years studying, researching, practicing, and teaching Charlotte’s gentle and effective methods of education. Her passion for homeschooling her own four daughters grew into helping others and then into Simply Charlotte Mason, which publishes her many books and provides a place of practical encouragement to homeschoolers at simplycharlottemason.com.

Invite Sonya to speak to your Convention

Sonya loves to share what she has learned over the years about homeschooling and parenting. She is happy to minister at various homeschool events as her schedule and family responsibilities allow and is available to speak at a variety of events.

Comments from Workshop and Conference Attendees

Read what workshop attendees and organizers are saying to and about Sonya and her presentations.

“The best presenter I’ve ever heard.”

“God seems to have given you a gift for making the overwhelming simple. You really have blessed me as you take what seems to be so much and show how through God’s grace we can achieve what He has called us to. And I know it is His work in you that is now overflowing to the rest of us.”

“I have always enjoyed hearing Sonya and gotten a ‘new lease’ every time I do.”

“God has gifted you with ease and skill in communicating! You have such a great sense of humor and a way to keep the audience captivated! I have been challenged and stretched by your teaching.”

“You are such a blessing each time I’ve talked with you and heard you speak, and we so hope you can come speak to our group again this year! Last year, you came and spoke to us about discipling our children—and you wouldn’t believe the number of times I’ve heard you quoted just from that one night with us (especially about our being the thermostats in our homes and not the thermometer!).”

“Sonya shares godly wisdom, practical advice and guidance in a way that will bless your heart. You will leave feeling refreshed and encouraged—Guaranteed!”

“So packed with great info, so encouraging!”

“Sonya, you teach the wisdom of God in the power of the Holy Spirit.”

“I’ve been to a different seminar that had me feeling overwhelmed and inadequate. But I was energized and excited by what you shared and now can’t wait to begin this homeschool journey!”

“I loved this 2-day seminar and feel ready to go back to ‘school’ Monday refreshed and ready to go!”

“So fabulous! Sonya is a delight, a joy, and a fount of knowledge. I love how she has done so much for the field, yet is completely unassuming.”

“The best speaker at the conference!”