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Charlotte Mason Together Groups

This is where community and connection happen! 

If you are looking for personal growth, accountability, laughter, and inspiration, this is where you can connect with a group of home educators and find other like-minded hearts to walk this homeschool journey along side you and your children.

Refresh Your Group

You have put in the time and the effort. You have tried and found things that work. Great job! Check out these resources if you want a little refresh. You may even find some resources to complement what you are already doing.

Start a Group

Building a CM community is fleshed out in practical ways here. You will find videos to help, courses to take, and support to walk you through the building process step by step.

A Beautiful Community video course

Find a Group

Wouldn’t it be great to find CMT co-ops, nature groups, and support groups that already exist near you? We are pleased to be able to point you in the right direction to find those communities.