2023 Charlotte Mason Together Homeschool Retreat

Charlotte Mason Homeschool Retreat

The Charlotte Mason Together Retreat

July 20–22, 2023 • Stone Mountain, GA

Limited space! Register now to secure your spot.

Space is limited for the 2023 retreat. Register early to secure your spot!

Set aside some time for yourself to be refreshed before you begin the 2023-24 school year. The Charlotte Mason Together Retreat invites you to step away from the busyness of your life as a homeschool parent and spend a weekend in a peaceful oasis of ideas and encouragement.

During this unique Charlotte Mason homeschool event, you’ll enjoy the beautiful natural surroundings of Stone Mountain Park at the Atlanta Evergreen Lakeside Resort as our experienced CM speakers pour into you with words of wisdom and practical help that will prepare you to homeschool your children with confidence the Charlotte Mason way.

This has been the most peaceful, nourishing, and inspiring conference I have been to in a long, long time.

Michelle W.

I am going home with many fresh ideas, encouragement and excitement about moving forward in our family’s CM journey.

April R.

Register now!

Space is limited! Register now to secure your spot.


Sonya Shafer

Sonya Shafer

Sonya and her husband John have four daughters, whom they homeschooled all the way through with Charlotte Mason’s wonderful methods. Three have graduated, and now Sonya spends her time continuing to educate their youngest—who has special needs—and doing all she can to make it simple for you to use the Charlotte Mason Method.

Allyson Adrian

Allyson’s professional expertise is in intercultural communication, not languages, though the two are related and she loves learning languages and learning about other cultures. Learning about how Miss Mason taught languages further altered her life. Convinced of the method’s effectiveness, she and her husband Steve founded Cherrydale Press—a small press committed to publishing language learning materials that follow Miss Mason’s method.

Richele Baburina

Richele Baburina began her venture of faith with Charlotte Mason’s philosophy of education as a university student, implementing picture talks as part of a museum program. As a humanities major, she found Miss Mason’s statements regarding the beauty and truth of mathematics particularly intriguing. Later, as a mother, she wanted to experience that “delightful consciousness of drawing out… new power” in her own children and she now helps others do the same.

Jason Kokenzie

Jason Kokenzie is a public speaker, church planter, disciple maker, entrepreneur, and—most importantly—a loving Christian husband and father. Jason has been married to his wonderful wife Stacy for over 20 years. They have 4 children, ages 6-16, and have homeschooled from the very beginning.

Jason has a deep passion for helping people see Christ through disciple making, and is one of the leaders of the disciple making ministry at his church in Lilburn, GA. Both he and his wife seek to make every day in their family life about discipling their children to Christ.

This retreat has been so amazing. The speakers have been inspiring with the presentation of so many IDEAS. I can’t wait to begin implementing this with our children.

Jaime M.

Additional Speakers

Michele Jahncke

Michele Jahncke remembers always being on the lookout for a good pencil trade in 3rd grade so she could have a softer lead, loving the look and feel of it gliding on the paper.

Having enjoyed 20+ years of being educated alongside her five children via Charlotte Mason’s methods, she now teaches at a CM Cottage School nestled in the Ridge-and-Valley Appalachians of NE Tennessee.  Michele also takes great joy in helping busy parents implement a Charlotte Mason education simply and practically. And she is still open to pencil swapping.

Josh Davis

Josh is a homeschool father and dear friend of Sonya’s. He is the founder and executive director of Proskuneo Ministries, an organization that works alongside church congregations to share multicultural, multilingual worship. He is a multi-ethnic worship leader, clinician, songwriter, ordained minister, and music missionary.

Karen Smith

Karen Smith

Karen Smith grew up spending many hours in and around the forests, lakes, and streams of Michigan. Her passion for the outdoors and the study of nature continues to this day. Karen is Sonya’s “go to” person for all things nature related and a co-founder of Simply Charlotte Mason. She has authored Journaling a Year in Nature and several other SCM elementary science titles.

Doug Smith

Doug Smith

Doug Smith, along with his wife Karen, has been homeschooling for more than 20 years and is a co-founder of Simply Charlotte Mason. He and his wife have graduated four children and now enjoy a greater focus on mentoring others on their homeschool journeys. He has a passion for discipling his children, enjoying nature, and making technology understandable in plain English.


We are offering a wide variety of activities, because different people find different things refreshing. We hope you will hand pick the ones that will be the most refreshing to you and rest during the others to customize for a truly refreshing homeschool retreat. (Sessions and schedule subject to change.)

Thank you for such a beautiful location, uplifting messages, and informative sessions. I was refreshed and renewed!

Ivette H.

This retreat has served my soul well. It was a wonderful opportunity to reconnect with my husband and connect with others as well. We will definitely be back!

Rochelle G.

Retreat Sessions

Thursday Pre-Retreat Sessions

A Charlotte Mason Morning of Studies (Sonya): Sonya will walk you through an entire morning of studies in a Charlotte Mason home school. Come prepared to take on the role of a 5th grade student as you experience the methods in real time and get a feel for what a day-in-the-life would be like. Great for those who are new to Charlotte Mason and those who want a refresher course to build their confidence.

Principles and Methods (Sonya): After the provided lunch, you will have an open forum to discuss the morning’s studies and ask questions. Sonya will give additional insight and encourage you with the captain ideas to keep in mind as you teach your children.

Putting It Together (Sonya): Wrap up this practical and personal time with a look at schedules and curriculum. Sonya will guide you through how to create a schedule that works for your family and give an overview of the SCM curriculum resources that can help you spend less time planning and more time enjoying your children.

Becoming an Ambassador: Charlotte Mason’s Method for Learning a Foreign Language (Allyson): Charlotte Mason set high goals for us as citizens. One of those was becoming an ambassador for our family and our nation by learning to converse in foreign languages with citizens of other nations. She felt that learning a language was among the most important priorities in education. We will explore her method for teaching and learning languages by participating in actual lessons and discussing her principles. Her straightforward approach should encourage all that teaching languages at home is possible, even if the teacher is learning the language alongside the student.

Contra Dance: Simply take the country folk dances like Charlotte taught her students, mix in a “caller” element like Swedish Drill, and add a lively dose of all-American square-dance music, and there you have it—contra dance! No experience required. If you can walk, you can contra dance. Come prepared for moderate exercise, lots of laughter, and a rollicking good time!

Friday Sessions

Nature Walk (Karen and Doug): Experience the refreshing beauty of a morning nature walk while learning how to make your own Charlotte Mason nature explorations more effective and meaningful. Karen and Doug will be your guides, sharing practical tips, tools, and observations along the way. (Registration required.)

Main Gathering 1: Ideas in Lessons (Sonya): Sonya’s sessions will focus on the top two priorities of a parent, both in home education and in daily life. She’ll open the main retreat with a look at the first priority, which is the presentation of ideas during school lessons, exploring practical ways to communicate good, loving, and noble ideas with confidence and grace.

Breakout 1A: Teaching High School Language in the Spirit of Discovery: Miss Mason and François on Teaching Grammar for a Foreign Language (Allyson): For many of us, learning a foreign language meant learning grammar more than it meant speaking. Miss Mason and François depart from this approach and focus on speaking and hearing the language. They do teach grammar. François Gouin, however, proposed reforming how grammar was taught, and he and Miss Mason were in agreement on the principles for doing so. In this session we will explore how François and Miss Mason approached grammar by discussing their principles and participating in sample lessons. Their approach should ease the minds of those who fear they cannot teach advanced grammar in a foreign language to their students.

Breakout 1B: Fractions the Charlotte Mason Way (Richele): Experience a living teaching of fractions using Charlotte Mason’s hands-on approach. In this interactive session, we’ll explore the simple yet powerful ideas behind fractions and some simple and effective ways to relay these ideas to your own child. If your own relationship with fractions has never been a comfortable one or you want to discover the CM way of teaching these foundational ideas, this session is for you!

Breakout 2A: From Supporting Spouse to Super Hero Husband (Jason): Let’s develop the super hero husband! Find a cape, put on tights, and be that super hero husband! Well, it may not be that easy, but you can confidently don that super hero husband style! Learn simple hacks to advance the husband’s super powers as an active participant in homeschooling. 

Breakout 2B: Great Book Discussion — Jane Eyre (Richele): Come enjoy an interactive session in high school literature as we get to know novelist Charlotte Brontë and one of the greatest literary figures of all time, Jane Eyre! Together we’ll dig into the significance of our reading while seeing firsthand how simple it is to use the Great Book Discussions resource in your home, co-op, or book club.

Main Gathering 2: Lifelong Learning/Lifelong Relationships (Allyson): The end of education is delight in living—to give a full life. When our children are engaged learners, they continue to find delight in learning and in creating relationships with authors, creation, the mysteries of the world, and even their parents. Allyson will discuss some of the implications of lifelong learning for us as teachers of our children now and as they age and enter college and beyond.

Beautiful Handwriting Event (Michele): Join Michele Jahncke for an interactive and enriching time learning strokes and letters, cursive joins, writing words, and more. As you enjoy acquiring this rewarding skill yourself, Michele will also provide insight concerning teaching handwriting to your children and using beautiful script as a teenager’s handicraft. Paper and pencils provided!

Saturday Sessions

Nature Walk (Karen and Doug): Experience the refreshing beauty of a morning nature walk while learning how to make your own Charlotte Mason nature explorations more effective and meaningful. Karen and Doug will be your guides, sharing practical tips, tools, and observations along the way. (Registration required.)

Main Gathering 3: Why We Study Art (Richele): If we don’t study art to become connoisseurs, why do we study it? Employing Miss Mason’s methods, we’ll explore some of the messages great works of art have to teach us and why the appreciation of art is both a great and a simple joy.

Breakout 3A: Charlotte Mason and the University: Will a Charlotte Mason Education Prepare My Child? (Allyson): As homeschooling parents, it is very hard not to second-guess whether we are adequately preparing our children to enter the university. Allyson will speak to those questions based on her 18 years of Charlotte Mason homeschooling and 25 years of teaching at Georgetown University. She has seen that a Charlotte Mason education—including high school—provides a very solid foundation for creating engaged learners. She will discuss her reasons for saying so and some of the myths about what students should know or take in order to enter college.

Breakout 3B: Developing a Disciple-Making Culture in Your Family (Jason): God’s calling on parents to intentionally disciple their children can feel like a daunting task, but this session will give you the confidence you need for the journey.

Worship Together (Josh): Set aside some time to worship God in this special session that is always a highlight of the retreat.

Main Gathering 4: Habits in Life (Sonya): Sonya will close our time together by looking at the second of a parent’s top two priorities. This session turns the spotlight onto the formation of habits. You will receive lots of encouragement and valuable help for the daily challenge of carrying out this priority well.

Retreat Schedule

Thursday Pre-Retreat, July 20

Go in-depth on Charlotte Mason topics with the optional pre-retreat on Thursday. The pre-retreat includes a full day of additional sessions with lunch provided. (Additional registration fee applies.)

10:00A Charlotte Mason Morning of Studies (Sonya Shafer)
12:00Lunch (provided)
1:30Debrief & Q&A (Sonya Shafer)
2:30Putting It All Together (Sonya Shafer)
3:30Shopping Break / Curriculum Consults
4:00Pre-Retreat Session 5 (Allyson Adrian)
5:30Supper Break (on your own)
7:00Contra Dance / Guided Nature Walk (Karen and Doug Smith)

The pre-retreat was excellent–I appreciated the extra time to explore and learn.

Jessica M.

Friday, July 21

7:00Guided Nature Walk (Karen and Doug Smith)
9:30Welcome & Main Gathering 1 (Sonya Shafer)
11:00Breakout 1A (Allyson Adrian)Breakout 1B (Richele Baburina)
12:00Lunch (provided)
1:30Breakout 2A (Jason Kokenzie)Breakout 2B (Richele Baburina)
2:45Main Gathering 2 (Allyson Adrian)
4:00Personal Consultations / Meet UpsShopping / Curriculum Consults
5:30Supper Break (on your own)
7:00Beautiful Handwriting Event (Michele Jahncke / Guided Nature Walk (Karen and Doug Smith)Shopping / Curriculum Consults

Saturday, July 22

7:00Guided Nature Walk (Karen and Doug Smith)
9:00Bookstore Open / Curriculum Consults
9:30Main Gathering 3 (Richele Baburina)
10:30Hotel Check-out / Break / Shopping
11:00Breakout 3A (Allyson Adrian)Breakout 3B (Jason Kokenzie)
12:00Lunch (provided)
1:30Worship Together (Josh Davis)
2:45Main Gathering 4 (Sonya Shafer)
3:30Farewell and Final Shopping

This has been the weekend I needed to gain confidence in the FEAST the Lord has set before me. Thank you for making that great feast so understandable & palatable!

Chrissy G.

Meet Ups

At the retreat, we’ll have an opportunity for you to meet other CM homeschoolers like you! During the meet up time, we’ll help you break into groups based on number of children, location, children’s ages, and other groups so you can make some new friends.

Personal Consultations

A very limited number of one-on-one personal consultation sessions are available during the retreat. Sit down with an experienced Charlotte Mason educator and ask your questions. If you are interested in a 30-minute personal consultation for $25, register early. These limited sessions will be filled on a first registered, first choice basis. When the time slots are full, they’re gone!

Curriculum Consultations

The friendly and helpful staff of the SCM Bookstore will be available all weekend for one-on-one consulting sessions. If you have questions about which resources to use or how to use them with your students, you will be able to sign up for a FREE curriculum consultation in the bookstore at the retreat.

We had an amazing time! As a fairly new homeschool mom I was excited to gain so much wisdom!

Jodi T.

I have had a positively wonderful & encouraging time this weekend!

Dana D.


Space is limited at the 2023 retreat. Get your ticket early to secure your spot! Registration closes July 19.

Main Retreat Ticket
Two days of encouraging sessions with lunch provided.
Spouse Ticket
Discounted ticket for married couples attending together.
Add another full day of sessions!

Main Retreat ticket includes

  • Thursday evening contradance event
  • Friday and Saturday sessions
  • Friday evening Beautiful Handwriting hands-on event
  • Guided nature walk
  • Two lunches
  • Retreat notebook
  • Session recordings (available after the retreat) — a $99 value!

Pre-retreat ticket adds

  • Thursday hands-on immersion sessions
  • One lunch


The Charlotte Mason Together Retreat will be held at the beautiful Atlanta Evergreen Lakeside Resort that sits inside scenic Stone Mountain Park. The historic park boasts more than 3,000 acres of natural beauty, including 15 miles of nature trails, and a 360-acre lake. Family-fun attractions and two championship golf courses are also on site. Bring the whole family and enjoy some together time. There are plenty of great activities for dad and the kids to do while you soak up the Charlotte Mason encouragement during the scheduled sessions. Or come a few days early and enjoy Stone Mountain Park as a family vacation—the $20 gate fee to Stone Mountain Park is covered for those attending the retreat!


A limited number of rooms are being held at the resort for retreat attendees at a special discounted event rate. Plan to stay in the resort so you can enjoy the indoor pool, outdoor pool, hot tub, fitness center, cozy conversation nooks, in-room refrigerators, onsite restaurants, quick and easy access to all retreat sessions, and stellar rooms with lakeside or poolside balconies.

During registration, you can let us know if you would like us to help you find a roommate for the retreat. We’ll do our best to connect you with another attendee who would like to split a hotel room.

Register your hotel room for the retreat online, or call the resort reservations number at 1-888-670-2250 and mention the Charlotte Mason Together Retreat.

If you would like to book additional nights before or after the retreat at the discounted event rate, please contact us and we’ll be happy to help you make those arrangements.

Stone Mountain Park Campground also offers RV & Motor Home sites, tent sites, yurt rentals, safari tent rentals, and RV rentals.

The venue is beautiful! The nature walk was great and the food was actually good!

Bridget M.

Such a refreshing time! Lunches were so good–best conference food I’ve had. I felt well taken care of–Thank you!

Mary L.

Additional Details

Video Recordings

We will be video recording the 2023 retreat. Your ticket includes free access to any recordings released after the retreat!

Children and Babies

Childcare will not be provided at the retreat.

Nursing babies are welcome. We ask only that mamas are considerate of all the other attendees and step out of the room if the baby is becoming loud enough to be a distraction. With some babies that’s easy; others have become show-stoppers. You know your baby best. If you think it will be an easy task to enjoy the retreat and not detract from others’ enjoyment with Baby present, please bring that precious little one along.


Simply Charlotte Mason will have a large display of resources available for you to get your hands on, look through, and purchase at a special retreat discount.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations before June 20, 2023 will receive a full refund of the retreat registration. Lodging arrangements are subject to the hotel’s policies and not handled by Simply Charlotte Mason.

Getting Here

The Atlanta Evergreen Lakeside Resort is located about 35 minutes from Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport (ATL). The airport is within a 2-hour flight of 80% of the population in the United States. So with about 2.5 hours of travel, you could be enjoying the weekend with kindred spirits!

If you are driving, you will find that three major interstates conveniently come through Atlanta: I-20, I-75, and I-85.

Register now!

Space is limited! Register now to secure your spot.

This was the complete reset my husband & I needed. I appreciated all of the classes and each woman who taught them!

Alisha M.

Thank you so much for this wonderful retreat! I have been encouraged and challenged as a teacher. What a blessing! 

Diane G.

I look forward to this retreat all year long! It is such an inspiring and motivating time.

Allison K.

This has been so inspiring. I feel empowered and excited for this coming year!

Rachel E.
2023 Charlotte Mason Together Homeschool Retreat

Join Sonya Shafer and other Charlotte Mason speakers for a weekend homeschool retreat filled with encouragement and refreshment.

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