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Hands-on Learning in the Charlotte Mason Method

Many people equate living books with the Charlotte Mason method. And that’s well and good. Living books are a big part of her approach, as we’ve discussed during recent posts. But a Charlotte Mason education is not based just on books; it is also based on “things.” (more…)

The Swedish Drill Teacher

The Swedish Drill Teacher

After our previous post, many of you contacted us to find out where you might be able to get a copy of the book we mentioned: The Swedish Drill Teacher by M. H. Spalding. Originally published in 1910, this book gives the most comprehensive explanation of Swedish Drill that we’ve found. Charlotte Mason used Swedish […]


Homeschool Physical Education: Folk Dancing

It’s the middle of winter and many of us are looking for more ways to give the children exercise indoors during inclement weather. A couple of physical recreation activities that Charlotte Mason used in her schools can come to the rescue if you’re willing to give them a try: folk dancing and Swedish drill. Charlotte […]

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