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Explaining homeschooling to your relatives

Explaining the Charlotte Mason Method to Your Relatives

You’re sitting on the couch, drinking cider from a holiday-themed paper cup, and carrying on a friendly conversation with Uncle Joe and Aunt Phyllis. Uncle Joe smiles and leans forward a bit. “We understand that you homeschool,” he says. “Our daughter is thinking of homeschooling. Can you tell us about it?” (more…)

Charlotte Mason Blog Carnival

CM Blog Carnival

Every month you have a wonderful opportunity to access an inspiring collection of blog posts from other moms around the world who use the Charlotte Mason approach. It’s called the CM Blog Carnival. At the carnival site you will find links to the posts that have been submitted for October’s enjoyable reading. And if you […]

Charlottes Heart for Teachers calendar journal

2016 Calendar Journal Now Available

I’ve been copying a lot of meaningful entries in my Commonplace Book lately. Many of them have come from the little but rich volume that Charlotte Mason gave all her teaching-school graduates, The Cloud of Witness compiled by Mrs. Lyttelton Gell. It is full of thought-provoking inspirational poetry and quotations organized by theme. (more…)

Mom and daughter homeschool

Sequence Your Day: Simple Tips for a Smooth Year, Part 3

There seems to be a somewhat common misconception among homeschoolers—especially those who are new to the Charlotte Mason Method. Let’s set the record straight: the Charlotte Mason approach is not just living books. There is much more to Charlotte Mason than reading and narrating! Charlotte’s students wrote, sang, memorized, recited, drew, worked with manipulatives, went […]

Boy with puzzle pieces

Provide Variety: Simple Tips for a Smooth Year, Part 2

A couple of days ago a friend shared something exciting over lunch. She had been reading a book about the origins and use of colors throughout history. In it, the author mentioned several artists. My friend enthusiastically explained that she recognized many of them from our Picture Study Portfolios. In fact, some of the specific […]

Encouraging messages

Staying Encouraged

I have to smile when I recall three texts I received last week. The first message was from a dear friend who is providing CM-inspired Little House camps this summer. She sent me some sweet photos of the children copying the Charlotte Mason motto and displaying their handicrafts with big smiles. (more…)

A Growing Time Calendar Journal

A Calendar and a Reminder That Children Are Not Carrots

First, the calendar. Each year SCM publishes a specially-themed calendar in two versions: a school-year version (July through June) and a calendar-year version (January through December). We’re happy to announce that the 2014 Calendar Journal, A Growing Time, calendar-year version, is now ready! This calendar journal is now out of print. This handy calendar will […]

Homeschool boy and mom

Simple and Effective

Sometimes we make things harder than they need to be. Take writing this blog, for instance. I started the process several times this morning, deliberating, pondering, debating over how best to communicate what I’ve been thinking and feeling. I must have written and rewritten five different introductions before I decided to simply state it outright. […]

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