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Your Business Math: Pet Store Edition

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Children practice their math skills while running a pretend pet store. Great “living math”! (Grades 3–6) See full description →

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Product Description

You own a store. You want a profit. You do the math!

Your Business Math Series is a fun and “living math” kit that reinforces math skills for ages 8–12! Your student uses math knowledge to keep his or her very own store running and, hopefully, make a profit. But there are also some surprises along the way!

  • Fun—Your child will run a pet store full of fur and fish.
  • “Living” Math—Learn to write checks, figure sales tax, pay bills, and keep a bank account ledger current, all while practicing basic skills like addition, subtraction, and multiplication.
  • Easy to Use—Conversational step-by-step instructions that lead the student through various tasks for each business “month.” Additional Teaching Tips and answers in the FREE 56-page teacher book.
  • Exciting—Unexpected surprises from Chance cards that students select at random!
  • Flexible—Complete the kit in just a few weeks or use it all school year. You choose your own pace.
  • Effective—Students don’t mind doing the math when they’re working on their very own store’s success in a fun game-like approach.
  • Comprehensive—An additional practice section in case your student needs more help on any skill used in Your Business Math Series.

Additional Information

Weight1.2 lbs
Dimensions11 × 8.5 × .88 in


176 pages


E-book, Spiral, Stapled


Grade 6, Grade 3, Grade 4, Grade 5


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3 reviews for Your Business Math: Pet Store Edition

  1. melissa heckman

    I did the Pet Store book for Math in 7th Grade. I really enjoyed learning math with it. I looked forward to math (which isn’t normal for me). You really feel like a store owner. It helped me learn business skills. It took the math I was learning and put it into context of real life. I love animals and I got to “own” a pet store!

  2. Cheryl Powell

    My middle daughter did Pet Store math as a 6th grader and greatly enjoyed it. I was discussing math curriculum choices with our next daughter and she remembered how fun and how much her sister talked about her pet store! LOL I am here to purchase it again and debating the ebook version because I am almost certain our youngest daughter will want to do it as well. Thank you for such a fun and engaging way to do math.

  3. Joleena

    I did this with my 2nd grader, 5th grader, and 9th grader. We all had so much fun!!! I used it as a supplement to their math curriculums. They are all looking forward to doing the bookstore next year.
    After printing it I added monthly dividers and had them spiral bound. Each child named their pet store and designed their covers.

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