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The Charlotte Mason Elementary Arithmetic Series

Now it’s simple to teach math with the brilliant methods that Charlotte Mason used with her students. These short , interactive, and lively lessons will take you and your child on an enjoyable journey through the mountainous land of the Principality of Mathematics, where “you cannot lose your way, and every step taken is on firm ground” (Ourselves, Book 1, p. 38).

Individual Books

“I just have to tell you, I finally ordered and used your book. My favorite thing about it was how relational it was. My math phobic actually relaxed, and my math lover giggled hysterically while we went through the lesson. He had so much fun with me in a way we don’t usually have during the school day, due to me rushing through teaching so many different ages. But as soon as I opened that book and saw what it would require of me, I knew it was going to be a relationship strengthener. Thank you for writing these books!”—Mary B.

Manipulative Kits


The Charlotte Mason Elementary Arithmetic Series

Book 1: Exploration of Numbers to 100
Book 2: The Four Rules and Tables/Work with Numbers to 1,000
Book 3: Tables continued/Work with Numbers to 10,000 (in progress)
Book 4: Long Multiplication & Division/Weights & Measures (coming soon)
Book 5: Decimals/Factors/Fractions/Percentages (coming soon)

“Thank you, Richele, for restoring number work to its rightful place in education.

“If you are searching for a math curriculum that will challenge your student and will retain the mystery and art and joy of numbers, do consider this series!”—Maria B.

5 reviews for The Charlotte Mason Elementary Arithmetic Series

  1. Bear48

    Excellent! I would not be doing math the Charlotte Mason way if these beautiful books were not published! They take you step-by-step and I am thrilled to have them and look forward to the rest of the series. Thank you Richele Baburina and Simply Charlotte Mason!

  2. KimmieH35570

    I’m in love with these books! They are exactly what I had been looking for! And I can’t wait to go through them with both of my children. I will be ordering 3 and the others as soon as they are released! I really hope there are plans for books past book 5! 😊

  3. Sierra

    Absolutely perfect!
    We have struggled to find a good math program for my oldest daughter for some time. New programs usually start out well and quickly become dreaded. We have found a good place with Simply Charlotte Mason. It does take one on one time which may be the key here but the lessons are great. We had to go back and relearn a lot of different things and I look forward to moving up to book3. Just hope it comes out soon as we are almost finished with book 2.

  4. Susanne

    Wonderful, wonderful books! My oldest two boys have both loved book 1 and the 2nd grader is finishing up book 2. These are such a valuable resource to our homeschool day. They love math and feel confident in their skills, which I’m not sure would have been the case if we’d used something else. I love that we can go slowly, there is no pressure to complete pages of problems, and the lessons are mostly oral. I am eager for more!

  5. Janelle

    We LOVE this series! This is the third curriculum I tried with my sweet daughter who has trouble focusing, and this is the “ONE!” We are halfway through our second year, and she is really understanding math for the first time!!

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