Homeschool Spelling and Handwriting Wisdom

Spelling and Handwriting Wisdom

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Ban the boredom and lose the lists. This workshop will show you how to teach handwriting and spelling in a pleasant, effective way that also reinforces good habits. See full description →

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Product Description

Even handwriting and spelling can be living subjects!

Charlotte Mason’s gentle and effective methods for handwriting and spelling take the drudgery and confusion out of the way so your child can enjoy learning. Yes, it is possible to teach handwriting without writer’s cramp and spelling without boring lists!

In Spelling and Handwriting Wisdom you will

  • Discover how to teach handwriting in a pleasant, effective way that reinforces good habits.
  • Practice using Charlotte’s methods yourself to gain confidence. (Be sure to download the free handout below.)
  • Learn what the difference is between copywork and dictation.
  • Feel equipped to guide your child with lots of encouraging instruction.

Workshop handout

Spelling and Handwriting Wisdom workshop handout

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Audio CD, Audio mp3 Download

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Sonya Shafer

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49 minutes

1 review for Spelling and Handwriting Wisdom

  1. :

    Hi Sonya,
    I am very encouraged by CM’s approach to teaching children. I am curious to know how much was taught to children about African American history. What might her approach have been to teaching on this subject? What materials might she have suggested or would you suggest to cover this subject matter? Please advise. Thanks

    • :

      Hi, Natasha –
      I have not seen any of Charlotte’s programmes that outline African American history as a separate entity. I believe her approach would be to use biographies, as she did with so many other prominent people in history. Some of my preferred biographies would include Amos Fortune, Free Man; Up From Slavery; George Washington Carver; I Have a Dream: The Story of Martin Luther King, Jr.; and Freedom Walkers: The Story of the Montgomery Bus Boycott. (I also play a lot of Mahalia Jackson songs, because I love her singing!) Hope this helps.

      • :

        Hello Susan,
        Thank you so much for your response. I did not know that these materials were available. I am looking to incorporating these works into our education journey.

        What steps would you recommend I take to open a Charlotte Mason School?

        • :

          Probably the best thing would be to contact other CM schools to hear about their experiences and learn from their situations. You might look at Ambleside Schools International or ChildLight Schools for more information. There are also some independent CM schools around like Plumfield Academy and, I’m sure, many others I don’t know about yet.

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