Scratch and Dent

Save on SCM resources by purchasing scratch and dent items. See below for a list of available titles and full details. See full description →

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We occasionally have minimally-damaged items that don’t meet our high standards of quality—returned items or display copies, for example. We are pleased to make these available at a scratch-and-dent discount of up to 20% off the regular price. Here are the details.

  • The items listed below are everything we currently have available. We update this list as scratch and dent items become available.
  • Scratch and dent items have a cosmetic defect such as a bent or creased cover, bent or curled pages, discolored spots or scratches on the cover, or some similar issue.
  • Even though scratch and dent items have minor defects, they still must meet some quality standards. For example, they don’t have missing pages, and consumable items do not have writing or marking on the inside pages.
  • Scratch and dent items have a removable “scratch and dent” sticker applied to the front cover.
  • Scratch and dent items are non-returnable.
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