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Ourselves, Youth Edition

Charlotte Mason wrote two books directly to young adults: Self-Knowledge and Self-Direction. (Both are combined within the volume Ourselves for parents.) She had a strong desire to help teens understand all of the beautiful and noble possibilities that exist within them, as well as the dangers that assault their souls and try to hinder them from making the most of themselves.

These Youth Editions provide

  • short readings to give your student great ideas in small, powerful doses;
  • narration and discussion prompts that encourage heart-to-heart conversations and life application;
  • a friendly introduction to Charlotte Mason and her writing style in the book;
  • side notes that define unknown terms and clarify unfamiliar references to help your student feel confident with the text;
  • exam questions that cover key concepts and encourage accountability and retention;
  • two reading schedules to choose from: a two-year recommended plan or a one-year condensed plan.

Designed as a complete package, these Youth Editions makes Ourselves friendly and convenient for students and parents alike.


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