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    I feel a bit silly asking this question . Are  written narrations  to be used with their personal/independent readings or are they used with a read-a-loud, when someone has read to them ?  I went back through the blog series on narration and there was a section on written narrations , but it did not specify . Does it matter which method we use ? Is one better than the other? I was just curious and kinda feel dull for asking ( like when the answer is obvious to others but for some reason your thinking is cloudy ). My son will be starting 4th grade , has had no problems with penmanship/ forming letters and is a creative thinker. I was going to have him begin doing one written narration per week. Thanks ladies ! Jamie


    Both! We don’t narrate absolutely everything but do do it for both kinds — independent reading and read alouds.



    Charlotte Mason had her students narrate after all readings. Written narrations are the same as oral and may be done after a read aloud or a silent reading. However, my daughter’s narrations are more detailed when she does the reading.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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