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    My 4th grader writes very slowly, about 5 words per minute. This means that she often does not get very much of her narration written in a reasonable amount of time (15-20 mins). She’s been working on typing for a while but is still quite slow and, practically speaking, types at about the same speed as she writes. What do you do when their writing speed is a hindrance to actually getting the narration down on paper? I doubt her writing speed is going to improve, and who knows if her typing speed will, at least in time for next school year.


    My thought would be to write it as she dictates to you, then leave the last sentence or two for her to finish. That is what I did for my DD for a while. She now writes her own, but iften after finishing I will ask if she wants to add more. She will often add a sentence or two that I offer to write for her.

    For us, I feel it is strong narration practice even if she is not writing everything and it will continue to encourage her to continue practicing.

    oh and writing for my DD also helped her really start noticing how she has to gather a thought, say it wait for me, and then continue. I think that is a hard step (or at least for my DD) when going from oral to written narrations. The act of getting the words down, but not loosing train of thpught or flow.


    I think I might set a timer or watch the clock and just have her write for an appropriate amount of time rather than having her write until she has fully narrated. She could then finish her narration orally and you could transcribe the rest for her. I would also get her working on a typing program so that she can type her narrations in the future. It’s much faster and opens the door for a child to write more lengthy narrations.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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