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    It’s that time of year (we just finished week 15) where I am re-evaluting my curriculum choices. My children are 11,9, 7 and 5. The two oldest are, imo, behind in writing. I’ve had a hard time enforcing narrations, but started working with it this week and they surprised me with how well they did. I’m planning on having them start giving me some written narrations.

    I’m also using Story Starters. But if I ask for a couple of paragraphs, they freak out.  They also like to write silly things when finishing a story. Definitely not the “lovely thoughts” I had envisioned.

    My sister is getting all excited about Master Books and they recommend Writing Strands. But I’ve gotten out my Charlotte Mason Companion and am being re-inspired be more true to Charlotte’s methods. How do I encourage quality writing from a couple of pre-teen boys????

    Tamara Bell

    If they are narrating better, focus on getting written narrations from them.  Only start with 1 a week and only expect a paragraph (don’t tell the that).  Do you own ULW?  There are writing rubrics in the back of the teachers guide that you can print out for you (with a spot to grade) and one for them (to help them check over their work).  Narrating and writing do not come naturally to all.  My oldest is 13 and it’s only the last 6-7 months that I’ve seen an increase in quality.

    As for Story Starters….lol.  My 13 yr old boy likes to leave them funny too.  Just yesterday he decided to turn the Unexpected Guest into a twist ending with the hulk and a car salesman.  My daughter decided to stray from her normal (following the storyline) and place a wizard into the story line.

    I accepted them and pointed out the good.  After that I let them know that next week I will expect them to follow the story line and include the elements we discuss.

    A wonderful resource to have on hand concerning this area of language arts is Hearing and Reading, Telling and Writing. I’ve just pulled it out again for myself as I feel myself fading towards the end of our first term.


    Thank you for the ideas, Tamara. I do not have ULW….but I’m going to go check it out!


    I would just continue with the narrations, oral and written. I don’t know that much about Story Starters but it sounds like creative writing. Some kids like that and some don’t, so if your kids want to, then I would let them do whatever they want with those, but not require it.

    My kids would write silly things as well. Maybe you’ll get some lovely thoughts if you continue the narration. 🙂

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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