Write On! Curriculum- any users?


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    I found this writing curriculum recently called “Write On! The Kid Friendly, Mother Pleasing, Gentle Way to Write.” I looked at the few sample pages and instructor guide and it looked interesting, but I haven’t found a lot of reviews for it online. Has anyone used this? I liked the look of the short, systematic lessons. I would love to hear some thoughts on it!


    I have it and have used it some.  I’m ADD about writing curriculum though. 🙂  I burn out quickly with almost any curriculum I use, so don’t take my experience too seriously. 🙂

    I liked to use it as an add-on to written narrations.  It gave me some ideas for more variety than just “write about what you read”.  However, the narration ideas list on SCM’s website accomplishes the same thing.

    Write On! was good for having some steps to follow when writing different kinds of compositions.  My kids thought it was fun.  I liked that it had some examples of other kids’ writing.  All in all, I think it lives up to its description.  If you feel somewhat confident in teaching writing, it is great!  For someone who feels like they need a lot of hand-holding, it probably isn’t detailed enough.

    Now that I’ve thought it about it some more, you’ve made me want to go pull it out again to use with my current 6th grader for the rest of the year. 🙂


    KeriJ, thank you for your input!  🙂


    We have also used it.  I think Keri’s review is spot on!  I’ve heard people call it “light”, but I think it’s great for those middle grades.  Unfortunately it wasn’t a good fit for my oldest, so we didn’t complete it.  We have done about 1/3 of the lessons, some more than once though.

    Now I want to pull it out for my younger ones too!  lol.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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