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    Has anyone used this? If so, what age boy, with parental guidance, could benefit/enjoy this?





    I’ll be interested to see responses here too.  I’m looking for a woodworking class locally and having a terrible time finding one.  I thought something like “Basic Carpentry 101” would be readily available for those of us who can not nail two boards together with one nail!?  🙂  I’d welcome suggestions on where to look.

    Jordan Smith

    We recommend the Handicrafts Made Simple: Woodworking DVD for grades 6-12, with adult supervision.


    My 13 year old son is using it this year and loving it (incidently, if a second wood working DVD is ever being weighed as a possibility, count us in the “yay” column).  He made 2 of the wooden cars for lovely Christmas presents for his little brothers.   Aside from a real drill, he is doing everything with hand tools and, while it takes a bit of time, they still turn out very nicely.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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