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    I connected with Lisa last week and have been enjoying her blog. Her latest post is SO encouraging. Those of you with little ones, soak it in! 


    Thank you for sharing. Wise words, indeed, and ones I will go back to often to remind myself what really matters (and it’s NOT a perfectly tidy, organized home!).

    I also struggle with that feeling I have to find a way to serve outside the home (NO! God has given me a HUGE ministry for this season…8 children!). And I love that she points out that we should find 2 good friends (NOT 100!), to spend a few days a month with!



    While I would love to have several children running around, at the moment God has blessed us with just one precious little daughter who’s 3 (we’re still praying for more blessings!).  And this post was nice to read even for me, with just one.  Because the temptations are still there for me to have a perfectly clean house, do lots of outside activities, be everywhere at once, get every errand done, and yes, to make sure I”m serving others.  I too realized that my ministry in this season of my life is my marriage, young family, and homeschooling.  If that means I have to keep saying “NO” to serving opportunities, than so be it.  As my family grows up, we can do all those things together – and won’t that be beautiful? 



    Timely words – I was thinking about this early this morning in my scripture study.  When the older women in Titus are encouraged to teach the younger what are they to teach them?  Outside ministry and busywork?  No – they are to teach them to be keepers at home.  Life with a young family, or a family with young children still, is a home-centered ministry, whether there is one child or 7.  I think sometimes those with older and younger children start moving away from this home-centeredness due to the older children, depriving their current young children of that time at home with a home-focused mommy.

    Very timely indeed. Thanks Sonya for sharing. Even with a strong start to my day, I feel exhausted by noon with all the demads of school, home, and little ones. It is good to know this is normal from moms who have been there because it can feel downright lonely at times.

    Lauraz76 and Tristan, thank you for sharing your wisdom. I appreciated your words.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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