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  • Leslie Bellomy

    I posted this on the fb page but I thought I would get more responses here,  and I figured out how to post.  Yay!

    My son will be in 8th grade for this coming school year. I was planning to start the Genesis history guide now but we all need a bit of a summer break. So should I skip that one and begin with the Joshua guide? Or try to two guides in one year and if so which ones and when? I don’t want him to miss a whole guide, but he only has 5 school years left. 😢Part of me would like to do Early Modern because my 6 year old is doing Playful Pioneers this year and I love Early American History. American history is a graduation requirement for high school in my state too. Ugh, so confused and I want to do the best thing for him. Help!! (my 6th grade son will be learning with him)

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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