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    We have used SCM for several years so I’m not sure why I’m having a hard time placing my 5th child this year into the rotation.  He is 6 and will be in kindergarten so he doesn’t seem to fit anywhere in the guides. (although it doesn’t matter to me what grade he is in, just placing  him somewhere) The SCM curriculum guide lists PreK as 3-5 yr olds, and then lists 1-3rd grade as the next level for curriculum.

    I think some of it is that his brother who is one year ahead of him in age, is light years ahead in school and has more of that personality, so he was easy to put in the 1-3rd grade group when he was 5 and 6.

    My almost 6 yr old is a very busy boy, and will not enjoy sitting for most of the subjects we will be doing for school.  Last year he did memory verses with us, sometimes Spanish, and 10 minutes with me each day for reading and/or math. Would you all start him on copy-work?  Longer lessons?  History/literature readings?  Leave it as it was last year? My almost three year old, who is very challenging, doesn’t give me a lot of extra free time when adding additional children into the school schedule:) I feel like a newbie for some reason, and it’s discouraging.     Thanks!


    I only have 2 that are school age so this may not be helpful, but my 6 yo ds sounds a lot like yours. I just left his older sister on her own schedule and did a separate one for him. We did Bible and character (10 mins total) as a family and one of DD’s RAs also (mostly things that were interesting to him like Tree in the Trail and On the Banks of Plum Creek). We did one page of Miquon a day for math, and I wrote down the answers for him. We used Delightful Handwriting for copywork. He also did his own memory verses, one very brief history story a week, one Magic School Bus book a week, and went through a Beatrix Potter Treasury (basically one read aloud a day for him with the subject rotating). We used Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Ez Lessons for phonics, which involved a lot of frustration for both of us, but maybe anything would have. He’s a perfectionist and very spacey on top of all the energy. Other than the phonics his non-family stuff took maybe 20-25 mins a day. I did find that with both the memory work and the copywork I had to start with less and add a little more later on as his ability (and focus) increased. This was on a 4 day schedule, so prob could have done 15 mins a day plus phonics in a 5 day one. If I was doing it again I might skip the history stories, and the science books too if he wasn’t interested in them (he was). I mostly followed the K schedule at


    It took me a few years of homeschooling before I figured out that we don’t necessarily have to add in everything new right at the beginning of the school year.  You could start him on copywork (if he has the letter formation down already) in September, add five minutes of math in January, and pick up a history book in March.  Or not, depending on what he seems ready for.



    My youngest is turning 6 and sounds very similar. We did a K year this year, as according to cut off’s he’s grade 1 in the fall. We will be treating it as a second year of K, as far as the course load we do. We focus on learning to read and math. He isn’t quite ready for writing yet, but we’ll add that in when the time comes. Everything else he absorbs from sitting in with us on other subjects is a bonus.


    My dd is very active,  and I have learned a lot by studying her. Things that worked for my others didn’t for her, so I know what you are saying. “The Right Side of Normal ” by,  Cindy Gaddis helped me with ideas.  My dd loves games. I bought Ring Around the Phonics game,  and Right Start math for next year. She is interested in workbooks,   but only when it is her idea. She will complete a lot of lessons in one sitting,  and then set it aside for a while. She likes sewing plastic canvas with a plastic needle.  For handwriting and reading help, I bought Spelling You See level B,  which has nursery rhymes.

    She sits in on history,  but only has to stay in the room.  I bought time line figures for her to color and cut out as desired.

    She loves animals and being outside.  She is helping with chores more, which is a win-win! She learns new skills,  gains confidence,  and gets some energy out.

    I hope this gives you some ideas.  I was reminded that it takes awhile to figure out a child’s learning style in Kindergarten,  so I felt a little better about not knowing what to do with her at the beginning of the year.


    Thank you for all the thoughts, I feel better about not pushing ahead.  He does NOT like to play games so I won’t even try:)  I really liked the idea of starting one thing at a time, then adding more later in the year, hadn’t thought of that because I’m such an all or nothing personality!  I think sometimes it’s hard with public school neighbor kids around, and seeing what they are required to do in K or 1st grade and not feeling like mine should be writing that much too.


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