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    your arts/crafts type stuff?  Paper, crayons, markers, paint, beads, etc., etc.  It’s become a real eyesore in my kitchen which is where the boys usually do those things. 



    I’m very lucky that in our office when we built the house we had them make a walk in closet with no shelves.  So we bought some cheap bookshelves and I have my stuff in there.  That way the little ones can’t just grab and the older ones can get to it.  Now as for creative ways to keep stuff together.  Crayons markers, colored pencils are just in a rubber maid bucket with a lid and a handle.  Glue sticks are in one of those tuperware spagetti containers (I mean who really uses those.. we eat all the spagettie I buy).  Then you know when you get things like ?? pillow cases or things in those plastic pouches with snaps or zippers are even better I use those for siscors and the likes.  Otherwiase ziplock bags are the best invention yet!  I hope that helps.  Probably not but might be able to spark a new idea for your home!  Misty


    I have one of those large Sterilite drawers. I keep it on the top shelf of our coat closet. Really, I need more space, but we live in an apartment, so I’m making due. It’s working for now. Undecided 


    I keep the stuff we use regularly in decorative baskets on our school shelves in the kitchen.  I found some nice ones on sale at Michael’s craft store.  I put them on the bottom and they just fit so you can’t see the mess inside, just the pretty front outside of the basket.  Wink  The other stuff is in stackable plastic shelves in a cabinet in the laundry room. 

    I use a set of the sterilite drawers as well, it has 4 small and one bin type on the bottom, both daughters have a drawer and extra stuff goes in the bin drawer.  I also do a lot of crafting myself, so I have an inexpensive 2 door cupboard with shelves, that I keep in the basement and use that for overflow.  Linda


    Our garage is our *school supply room*.  We don’t use it as a real garage, since it is a one-car garage and only a VW would fit,  so it serves its purpose for all of our stuff.  Craft components are in bins, containers, ziploc bags, 3-drawer sterlite things, etc.  I’d say it’s semi-organized. Our everyday school textbook type stuff is held in a crate (from walmart).  Each boy has one, then misc/family studies are in the garage on  shelf, crate, bin designated for that particular study.  Library books live in a black crate in the living room, also from walmart. 

    I’d say that we have too much stuff.  But when people hear you hs they feel the need to unload on you or you think you might need that odd ball craft thingy for the future.  Haven’t used it yet.  ha ha.  I’ve had to learn to just say no, thank you.


    Thankfully our utility room with our washer/dryer is right off the kitchen and there is a closet inside (pantry). I have so much room in our kitchen I don’t have need to store food in it, so it’s filled with the girls tubs of small toys (legos, polly pocket, pet shop animals, counting bears etc), puzzles, arts/crafts, coloring books, paper, and games!



Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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