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    I am always so impressed with the information i get from fellow moms & just wanted to know :

    Where do you get your book lists from? Sites, links, books, etc. Like I hear 5 in a row, but where is that? I want to have more resources for this and post to my fav’s.




    Hi Misty,

    I think you can find Five in a row at There are many books with book lists that I have used for resources. I began when my kids were babies with a book called Babies Need Books by Dorothy Butler — this may be out of print — she also has another one for the next age group that I was never able to find. I also used Honey for a Child’s Heart by Gladys Hunt and Books Children Love by Elizabeth Wilson. I got a gift of the book A Time to Read by Mary Ruth Wilkinson and Heidi Wilkinson Teel — very worth while book. These have literature,poetry and historical fiction involved. For other history the Sonlight catalog, Veritas Press Catalog, Tapestry of Grace Bookshelf site, Greenleaf Press site, and this site too- all have book lists. Then I found a book called All Through the Ages by Christine Miller which combines many of those catalogs I listed and puts the books in chronological order and by age and suject matter too. A very extensive list. We enjoy books at our house and I enjoy the guides plus the tidbits of information that each book adds to their lists.


    I’d like to add the terrific What Shall We Then Read? by the delightful Jan Bloom. Christine Miller keeps a good list at

    Michelle D

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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