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    I was just wondering when others have started cursive. I have 2 entering 2nd grade next year and it wasn’t on my agenda until 3rd grade. One, however, has decided to learn it on her own and it’s far from the “correct” way.

    Do I go ahead and work with my adventurous one before bad habits form? The other is still mastering her printing skills, but will be sad to be “left behind”.

    Just curious to what others have done…



    Hi, Tonni. I, like you, did not intend to teach cursive until the end of 2nd or beginning of 3rd. But my dd did not agree with that. She began experimenting with it in 1st grade with the same results as your “adventurous” one! I decided to capitalize on her desire to learn and go ahead with it right away. It worked out beautifully! She practically had it mastered 2 months later!

    Hope my positive experience helps!

    Faith 🙂



    When looking at moving from teaching manuscript to cursive, it is more important to look at how your child is doing on manuscript than on a particular age or grade. Each child should have a firm grasp of manuscript before moving on to something new. For us, that means our eldest is not ready to start cursive, and he is nine. Our next is ready, and he is seven.

    Based on what you said about where your children are at, I would recommend either separating when they start or waiting (and if you continue to provide handwriting opportunities over the summer, you may even find your other child catches up in time on their own)



    Hi Tonni, I started my DD (grade 2) learning cursive this year. She was ready to start, although we did not work on it daily, but about 2times/week, the other days keeping up on her other (printing) copywork!



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