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    We are in year 1, forgive me if this has been covered I didn’t see a post and we are newer to the forum.

    I was listening to a CM podcast over at A Delectable Education recently that suggested starting with American History in the younger years and moving to British and finally Ancient history as children get older.

    We are using SCM Genesis-Deuteronomy as of now.  However does SCM present American History if so when is it suggested to begin?


    Thanks so much.





    Karen Smith

    American history is covered in Early Modern & Epistles and Modern Times, Epistles & Revelation. The history lesson plans follow a chronological timeline of history, so American history is studied in the appropriate time period.

    However, if you feel it would be beneficial for your children to study American history sooner you have some options. You could “skip” ahead in history and do Early Modern & Epistles and Modern Times, Epistles & Revelation, then go back to the beginning of the cycle and study Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece, etc. Or some moms like to read a few books covering American history alongside the other history time periods. It is your choice, and you have the freedom to do whatever works best for your family.


    Also, the first year is the tales of the countries, which would be Leif and Columbus for American history. Thankfully, we covered that with the SCM Middle Ages books so I don’t feel like my kiddos missed anything. I love the ADE Podcasts. I listen to them and then come here to pull resources to simplify it for myself.


    I just like to read American history picture books and literature during read aloud time. There is a real inexpensive book list called Turning Back the Pages of Time by Kathy Keller that I use to pick the best books in chronological order. It is a very informal study of course, but when we get to American in our regular rotation they have a familiarity with the people and events. I tried two streams of history but it made me crazy. I just use my list to get American history books during my library runs and we read them during afternoon storytime. Its not even part of “school”.


    I would love to hear more about this and if anyone has any updates? How did your schooling go using SCM or ADE’s 2 streams?


    Ironically, I am dooubling back to this thread lovewins, even Charlotte Mason said the Holy Spirit guides the mother, so I am praying about sticking to the SCM 6 year rotation vs continuing with the 4 year/multi stream cycle.
    I really REALLY love how SCM keeps the bible and world history working hand in hand and that is what drew me to their books to begin with.

    So like I said, I am listening to the ADE podcasts and even those ladies will say to learn CM’s philosophy- it is not merely a method of education.
    I suggest reading the Volumes and then apply to your home what works for your home, within her principals 🙂
    If I don’t want to run 3 streams of history, I think that is ok!


    I love Michelle’s post.  We personally like the multiple stream history and have been using it for at least 2 years now.  However, I think you should choose what best works for your family.   A four or six year cycle may be what works best for you!

    Here’s what we are doing.  We are using a typical 4 year program (BiblioPlan).  I’m skipping the guide that covers ancient history, leaving us with 3 Biblioplan guides to cover over 4 years.  We are using Memoria Press’s classical studies to cover our ancient history.  Since there are some literary elements to it, I’m scheduling this during our literature time slot 1-2 days per week.  We cover BiblioPlan 2-3 days per week during our history time slot (it alternates with science).  The third stream (Biblical history) is covered in the evenings.  We read a chapter of the Bible each night and a church history or theological book on Sunday evenings in place of our devotion.

    Using the SCM guides, you could divide the guides into the Delectable Education timeline schedule.  Or you could cover guides 1-3 over four years and guides 4-6 over the same four years.  Or you could save yourself some grief figuring it out and use it as written over 6 years!  lol

    The beauty of homeschooling is that it is up to you!

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