When is it OK to stop….Geometry??


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    14 year old daughter has struggled through Jacob’s geometry this year.  We started Derek Owens online videos in October, but it is still a struggle every single day, although I do recommend using his video classes.  We are on chapter 13 and going to complete it….but would it be bad to call it quits then?  Derek Owens finishes up with chapter 15.  But you know what.  She has tried hard, it isn’t easy, and I know that she will NEVER, EVER focus in math later on.  And even if she did, I never did any of this type of geometry in college trig or calculus.

    Part of me wants her to finish the last two chapters because the child has never struggled through anything before.  Everything she has ever done has come naturally easy.  And I think that this could help her to realize, life isn’t always easy, but there is a race that has to be run and we need to complete it.

    But then part of me thinks, do we really need to learn that lesson with geometry?? It is torture for the both of us!

    What are your thoughts for those who’ve completed this subject.





    I would continue with some sort of geometry to complete her year.  Options are Patty Paper Geometry, Kahn Academy lessons, Life of Fred Geometry, Geometry for Dummies, etc.

    For my son we switched to Patty Paper Geometry, and he now has a working knowledge of a subject he struggled with.  A happy ending:)


    I have heard beforr that 80% completion of a curriculum can count as completed. I have friends with kids in public school and they don’t always finish text books in a year.

    If it is that tough and your student has been putting in solid effort, I might just call it done. Yes, challenging self in difficult things is good, but when strong effort has been put in sometimes it is ok to stop and be proud of the work put in and just set is aside. I also look at retention value and quality vs quantity. Completing a book is great, but understanding what is being learned, not just to finish a book, is also valuable.

    It could be the way the geometry was presented, and a different curriculum would help, but with scope and sequence being different also don’t want to have to start over or pick way through something to finish concepts.

    It is a tough call, you know your daughter best and what would be best to benefit her and her educational journey.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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