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    I’m trying to find math for K-8. I don’t like Saxon or Abeka. Any ideas? We aren’t big on manipulatives. We enjoy flashcards.


    We love Math-U-See.  They do use manipulatives, but my kids only used them at the very start and weaned quickly off of them and didn’t need them.  I’ve used flashcards and math copywork to learn facts. I love MUS because it’s to the point, videos are helpful/fun, and my kids are mostly independent. MUS is the only curriculum (besides Handwriting) we haven’t changed in our 7 yrs. of homeschooling!  :)Gina


    We have been using Teaching Textbooks since grade 5 for my son, who is now in the 6th grade. He hates math textbooks because it is visual overload for him. He was diagnosed as ADHD while in public school thus my reason for pulling him out (he had to be medicated, and that DID NOT work out at all…long story).

    For my daughter (age 8), I used MUS just after pulling her out at the end of 2nd grade. She loved Mr. Steve and did the work wonderfully. I changed to Rod & Staff Math though for grade 3 and will use R/S for grade 4 then she will pick up with Teaching Textbooks. MUS is great. We just do not use it anymore because she caught on so quickly after just the first book of MUS (We used the adding/substracting focused one).




    Currently we are using MUS and Saxon. I like both for very different reasons, but would also like to use some of Right Start Math, especially the games/flashcards.

    I do like the way MUS is to the point, as Gina pointed out, and that pages are not colorful or littered with pictures and whatnot.



    My kids liked MUS but they seemed to have a hard time with retention.  I don’t think this is necessarily a problem with the program, but it wasn’t a good fit for us.  We’re using Math Mammoth and I like it.


    If you like Manipulatives, Right Start math is fantastic.

    You might want to check out this older thread while making your descision.



    We llove Ray’s here.  Laughing


    Practical Arithmetic is my favorite. We have gone from the second book into Algebra (two boys went to Art of Problem Solving Prealgebra and my eldest went to Foerster’s Algebra). We have done some of the geometry in Practical Arithmetic Book 3. Good old fashioned math.


    Well, my favorite is MUS, but two of my ds’s have done very well with Singapore math.


    We started using Life of Fred.  We really love it!!  We used Math U See before and I think that is a very good choice as well.


    My 4th grader is using Teaching Textbooks. As soon as my 6YO is ready for that, I plan to get Teaching Textbooks for him, too. It is a very thorough, comprehensive program.

    Christine Kaiser

    MUS works great for us! My DD7 finished K in a Christian private school and was B L A N K on math! We spend several weeks on the first few chapters in Alpha just to get her to learn basics but now she catched up and we even expect to finish Alpha in time. Most important, she really enjoys doing math now, before it was all tears and frustration.


    We use Math-u-see here. If you like games and stuff like that you should try “Family Math”  It is a book of math teaching games you play with your kids. We have used some of these to use if we are stuck on a concept or just for fun to reinforce. There was also a website for math games that you could play with your kids. You could probably go to IXL Math and find out what your state requires and do games by that. You could even have your kids play the games on there if you don’t mind them being on the computer. 


    Rachel White

    Developmental Mathematics (my son) and Math Mammoth (my dd and supplmentary for son in measurements). Inexpensive and nothing fancy, just an Abacus. For some more word problems, I like Singapore Math Challenging Word Problems for Primary Mathematics and Ray’s just for review of math facts.

    Also, my dd being very auditory, I bought her Classical Math to Classical Music for memorization of facts.



    We switched this year to Professor B math and the kids are really enjoying it!  Last year my dd had a lot of tears with math. 

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