What is in your teacher book, otherwise known as the “sanity saver”?

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    I’d love to sneak a peek in your notebooks, how you organize handicrafts, practical skills, virtue and character training, etc. Anything that makes your role a little easier.

    I need to be able to add stuff to mine so Masterly Inactivity book isn’t quite a good fit for me.

    :)Thank you!


    I have two types I like–one is just a regular 5 subject spiral notebook. I use the dividers for Organization, Education, Spiritual Training, one is just a miscellaneous one and another might be quotes (actually my last notebook like this had one section from when my dh had his serious accident, then another section when my dad was failing in health–what the drs. said, etc!) Of course it’s a bit less “organized” just because you can’t take pages out and rearrange them. But this helped me write down my thoughts and they were in one section, so I didn’t have to look all through a notebook to find those notes I made on what I wanted to do with writing or that great idea for organizing the sewing room! They have been different colors over the years, and often I have been known to say in almost a panic, “Where’s my (red, black, purple) notebook?!” 🙂

    The other is one of those 3 ring clear-view binders. I actually printed out the “Education Is” free download and put it in there. When I purchased the e-book, “Laying Down the Rails”, I put it in there, too. I printed off the different schedules, narration ideas, etc. and put them behind dividers. Any loose papers I’ve written notes on are in the front or back pockets of the binder.

    It’s still probably a bit messy for some, but it’s much better than a ream of separate papers floating around! I may graduate to a bigger binder (the one I’m using is a 1″) and put in the weekly schedule sheets I’m making for myself. Then I’d have a record in there, too, although I’d probably transfer that to a folder at the end of the year so as to keep my notebook going.

    Hope that helps you some! I actually have another “purple notebook” that I will probably still use for my “thoughts” on child training, organization, etc. I’ve tried the nice planners that are available, and it gets too cumbersome to carry some of those around. I can take the spiral notebook with me fairly easily. I can take the 1″ binder with me fairly easily, too, actually, which is why I’m a bit reluctant to switch to a bigger one just yet! (We have some distance to travel for dentist/orthodontist, so it’s nice to bring my books along without feeling like I’m taking my whole desk! LOL!)

    Blessings on your day!


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