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    I am planning for next year and trying to get an idea of what Jr. high should look like.  We have done CM stuff for years, but it is seeming a bit dull.  I’m tired of listening to narrations all day long – there, I said it.  I have 3 dc and it gets old.  I still think CM style learning is the most fun, the most engaging.  School itself is just getting a bit “old” and I’m thinking ahead to high school.

    I’d love to see other’s plans (including book lists).

    thanks, Dawn



    Well, I haven’t laid out my ‘official’ plan yet for dd’s 7th grade year yet.  But it will be something like:

    MUS Pre-Algebra

    Apologia General Science

    SCM Module 1/Truthquest History for History/Geography/Bible

    Ambleside Y6 Literature and Free Reads

    Fallacy Detective

    Write With the Best

    Analytical Grammar (Season 2)

    Spellling Wisdom 2 days/week and Spelling Workout 3 days/week

    Greek w/dad

    Scripture Memory/Poetry/Composers/Artists/Shakespeare: I make my own schedule w/what I can handle:)

    I think that covers it…I hope I don’t think of anymore:)  Blessings, Gina

    P.S. I appreciate your honesty about narrations…I feel that way sometimes, too:)  Maybe you could use Christy’s idea of buying a $10 tape recorder and having them narrate into that and then maybe just play it back when convenient in the car or while cooking or something. 



    My 7th grader’s year is similar to what Gina has for her up and coming dd, except:

    he’s not at the pre-algebra level

    we didn’t do Logic (but should have, planning for next year),

    JAG (instead of Analytical Grammar)

    no foreign lang. at this time, plan to do Spanish next school year

    trying to be more consistent written/oral narrations (which we have been and I can see the benefits)

    I enjoy the narration process, but I definitely need to incorporate the many, many different narration ideas that I have compiled but still forget to utilize. And, I totally need a recorder.

    Missy OH

    Don’t forget to mix up your narrations.  I like SCM’s list.

    I prefer to read my dc’s narrations.  Sealed



    True confessions:  I cannot possibly listen to as many oral narrations as I “should” given the CM guidelines.  We narrow it down to oral narrations for science, but for things like literature and history it’s more of a group discussion around here.  

    We use a combination of SCM and Truthquest for history and one thing that has really livened up our history this year is using the lapbooks from A Journey Through Learning.  We purchased the one for ancient Rome this year and my five youngest children (7-14) all LOVE it.  We set aside about two hours one day a week to work on it all together and I love the combination of listening skills, language arts, and creativity that it inspires.  For me this has really been the quintessential homeschooling experience — my absolute ideal of what I like our history time to look like with everyone excited and engaged.  I also have to confess that I didn’t think we were a lapbooking kind of family, it just looked like busywork to me.  AND, my 13 and 14 yo are boys and I didn’t think lapbooking was something they would get into at all.

    Sorry to turn this into an advertisement, so let me wrap it up by saying that maybe you could try something a bit different to break up the routine.


    My son will be in 7th next year. This is my general plan of what we will do as far as I have it worked out yet:

    Math-Math U See Algebra

    Greek-Open texture

    Weekly dictation–probably from Spelling Wisdom

    Grammar-KISS grammar

    History–probably the middle ages. I work out my own curriculum for history usually, mostly just reading books.

    Science–weekly nature studies with nature journals and reading aloud from a science-y book. We are currently finishing up the Storybook of Science. I ahve one I bought at a used bookstore to do next. It has a title something like “Natural things every child should know.”

    Geography–Hillyer’s Children’s Geography

    Weekly map study

    Weekly artist, composer, and poetry study and probably some Shakespeare

    I may be forgetting a few smaller things.

    I have 4 kids and we do most subjects all together. So they don’t all narrate everything. I try to do at least one written narration a week.



    Very helpful reading other’s plans.  Keep them coming, please.


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