What do you use for Spanish?

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    I am looking for something to use once we finish the free video series Salsa Spanish. I have read mixed reviews about Rosetta Stone and it’s expensive . I am curious about the Learnables – anyone here use the computer version?  I have tried the Speaking spanish with Miss Mason and my kids did not like it.

    What are you currently using, or have used and found success with? In what ways did it work for your family? Pro’s / Con’s ?

    Thanks for reading 🙂





    We used Tell me More Spanish (similar to Rosetta Stone). It was ok, but I would prefer an online or in-person teacher,  as well as contact with several native speakers.  The retention was minimal with Tell me More,  but to be fair,  unless you continue to use the language,   you will lose your skills.

    We switched to sign language.


    We are using an app called Duolingo as a supplement to daily conversation (I speak conversational Spanish and speak certain phrases to my kids every day as a matter of routine). I have been pleasantly surprised at their retention and use of the vocabulary that they are exposed to in the app. It was only $2 and we all use it.  Not a complete program but so glad we found it.


    I dont’ know what level you guys are on.  We also do Salsa and have watched the short series Muzzy (from the library) I believe there’s only 2 stories or 2 parts (each having a few episodes each).  My kids are young enough to still watch Dora and Handy Manny.  There is also a series called Pim (I think) that we’ll be checking out.    After that listening stage, however, I don’t know much about proceeding without paying.


    My children are 3 & 5 love Little Pim and the Whistlefritz series.. Little Pim is at our library. Eventually we bought both and love them.  My 3 yr old likes the Gogo lingo app (I think it’s made by rosetta stone).  I like Duolingo for myself.

    Alicia Hart

    We use the Learnables computer version for Spanish! 🙂 My husband and my daughter both thrived with it and absolutely loved it.  We actually met the writers of the curriculum at a homeschool convention many years ago.   We stopped using it for the past couple of years because one our  CD’s  or DVD’s got scratched.  From what I remember, there is no writing involved until the higher levels – it’s initially all listening.  My daughter and I were just talking yesterday about how we needed to replace the scratched DVD with a new and start up again.  Were talking about doing French too.

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