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    I have come to realize that  in the past I have read a ton of twaddle books.   If I expect my children’s reading standard to be high then I need to be doing it myself.  In the last year I have begun to read books such as Stepping Heavenward and Marriage to a Difficult Man.  I know the Jane Austin books fit in there too.  Sometimes I find myself wanting something lighter though.  Times when my mind is full and I just want to relax. 

    How do you find books for yourself that are not “twaddle”?  Is it just that I need to retrain myself?  I have seen a ton of booklist for children, but does anyone have a booklist for adults?  Of course, I am still looking for things that are godly to read as well.

    Sonya Shafer

    I like to do a Jan Karon book for something a bit lighter, but I wouldn’t classify them as twaddle.


    I love to read and do so for my own pleasure as often as I can. I love End Times Christian fiction and Christian political thrillers, and Joel Rosenberg is my favorite author for those types of books. He wrote a series of 5 books that are absolute page-turners and definitely not “adult twaddle”. In order, they are:

    • The Last Jihad
    • The Last Days
    • The Ezekiel Option
    • The Copper Scroll
    • Dead Heat

    Rosenberg’s most recent thriller is The Twelfth Imam. I read it in one week, it was so good!

    Also Terri Blackstock has a series that I flew through too. In order:

    • Last Light
    • Night Light
    • True Light
    • Dawn’s Light

    If Christian fiction isn’t your thing, here is a list of other books I have thoroughly enjoyed:

    • Radical by David Platt (reading this now; whoa!)
    • The Rewards of Simplicity by Pam & Chuck D. Pierce (also reading this now and loving it!)
    • Epicenter by Joel Rosenberg 
    • What in the World Is Going On? by David Jeremiah
    • Our Secret Paradise by Jimmy and Karen Evans (an awesome marriage-building book written by the pastors of our church)
    • Eats Shoots & Leaves by Lynne Truss (This is a hilarious book about proper grammar usage. It has a couple of foul words, but overall very funny, very accurate, and very educational. Yes, I’m an English nerd.)
    • The Heavenly Man by Paul Hattaway & Brother Yun (the true story of a Chinese Christian pastor)

    I wouldn’t say those are “light reads”, but I don’t enjoy what some call “light reading”. I love to read, and I want what I read to enable me to walk away with something, to learn something new, or to affect change in me. All of these books have accomplished that.

    I’m excited to see what others post as well.



    I just started reading Sherlock Holmes – its been pretty decent and is definitely not heavy. Otherwise I like historical fiction, Phillipa Gregory isn’t bad – not great, but not bad – I think the history is well researched.  I have to admit I don’t like most of what is out there in terms of Christian fiction. I think to limit oneself to only one genre is well, limiting. I like to check out a variety of books – some I end up really enjoying and others not so much. There was a cool one I read recently called Water for Elephants. I also liked all of Amy Tan’s books.   Another book, The Story of Edgar Sawtell was amazing. I also like Kristin Hannah – she probaby verges on twaddley, though. 🙂


    For light reads I usually go to something like the Anne of Green Gables series. It was written for a younger audience making it easier for an adult to read (making it a light read) but the writing and story are still good. There are other classics like this that you can research and find. That’s the one that comes to mind because it’s what I’m reading now. Louisa May Alcott wrote a lot other than Little Women which are said to also be good. They are on my “to read” list. The Little House series is another. Things along those lines…

    And if you’re looking for heavier reads I recommend (highly) Les Miserables. There are also other wonderful classics by Henry James, Dickens, Alexander Dumas, etc…



    Betty Dickerson

    I’m like Sonya, Jan Karon was a great mental vacation.  I also like Miss Read Books and James Herriot.  These are light hearted and uplifting.  I also second the Sherlock Holmes.  I LOVED the Hound of Baskervilles. 


    Oh and if you want funny – P.G. Wodehouse – he wrote a ton of books!


    I love to read many varieties of books. A few favorites are:

    • Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers
    • Ishmael (my all time favorite book, ever)
    • Self Raised
    • The Hidden Hand
    • Edgar Sawtelle (mentioned above, I think)
    • books by Louisa May Alcott

    Lamplighter Publishing is my favorite!


    I forgot about Redeeming Love! Yes, that is a definite must-read! One of my favorite books of all time!

    I think my favorite Francine Rivers book is Leota’s Garden. I liked Redeeming Love too and the one that the title is something about a red line or something. Helpful, eh? Ha! 🙂


    I was going to add Redeeming Love, but I see 2 ladies already have.  I love all of Francine Rivers’ books.  But, I definitely like other authors as well.

    I haven’t read for pleasure, for myself, in a while…I need to get back to it.  I didn’t start this thread, but I’m glad someone did:)


    I have not read many of the books I will be having my children read, so I am going throught the childrens booklists and reading these books.  Books such as Robinson Curusoe, Pinoccio, Chronicles of Narnia, etc.  I also enjoy reading the original fairy tails such as in the fairy books, and the brer rabbit books, and just so stories. 


    I love biographies!  Most recently I read:

    Miracle at Tenwek—The Life of Dr. Ernie Steury by Gregg Lewis

    Vision for God—The Story of Dr. Margaret Brand by Dr. Margaret Brand with Dr. James Jost

    Passion for the Impossible, A—The Lilias Trotter Story by Miriam Huffman Rockness


    I also enjoy biographies.  My choices vary greatly. For example,  I have recently read biographies of June Carter Cash, Catherine Hamlin and Matthew Fontaine Maury. 

    I was surprised to find that I also enjoy business management type books and have found them very helpful in goal-setting for homeschoolling.  When my children reach high school, I will certainly include some of those types of books as part of our curriculum.

    Never Eat Alone and other Secrets of Success by Keith Fezzarri

    Leadership by Rudy Giuliani

    Getting Organized in the Google Era by Douglas Merrill

    How to win friends and influence people by Dale Carnegie


    I think the Francine Rivers book is titled The Scarlet Thread, but I didn’t actually look it up, but it was good.

    and the Shofar Blew was good too.  My dear friend just read Her Daughter’s Dream and Her Mother’s Hope and said they are really good.  Her 22 yo daughter is reading them right now, as well.

    I loved Leota’s Garden too. 

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