What do YOU read what do THEY read?

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    I have an idea of how to do some family study with some independant studies but I would love to hear how you implement Read Alouds and read independently using either SCM or AO.I am trying to “do school” in the simplest of ways with out “assignment sheets” ect. Like maybe a reading checklist would be okay. My DD is almost 8 and reads at a 6th grade level and DS is 6 and reads at about a second or third grade level. Information about ages of your kids would be helpful.


    My kids are 10 and 7 and both are fluent readers.

    I still read a large portion of the 10yo’s schoolwork and she does oral narrations. I am introducing her to written narrations, but the bulk of her narrations remain oral. She does some of her own school reading, but I do most of it. We will gradually increase the amount she does independently, but I’m in no rush to turn everything over to independent reading, mainly because I enjoy the time we spend together with the books.

    For my 7yo, I read all his schoolwork to him, If I’m particulary busy or when I think the kids need some together time, I will assign the 10yo to read to the 7yo. But that happens infrequently.

    Both children read books independently for their free reading. They are avid readers, and I don’t limit the time or pace of their free reading.

    For family read-alouds, I usually take that very slowly. It takes us months to get through a book. I don’t read aloud every night.

    I keep a checklist of schoolwork and read alouds. For the books the kids read themselves, I keep a log if they remember to tell me when they finish a book. I keep the log for future reference and because it’s fun for me to keep lists of books.

    Hope this addresses your questions…otherwise it’s just a really long post! 🙂


    Thanks so much for your answer on this! I’ve started a quiet reading time for the children. They picked out several books for their baskets and read from them. After the quiet time they come tell me what they read from and I mark it in the organizer. During our school time I read to the whole crew from our school books. Its working pretty nicely.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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