What are you using for dictation?

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    What do you use for dictation?  I think that I am going to start dictation with my children this year.  I think that I will use what is described in Brave Writer for beginning.  I will print out the passage to be dictated leaving a blank for a word to be filled in.  As they get more accustomed/better with dictation I will leave more and more for them to fill in.  I looked at Spelling Wisdom but wondered what else others are using.  I could just pull something out of a book that we are reading, and maybe that is where we should start.  But, I also want to make sure that we are progressing with what words to spell and punctuation used.  Thanks so much!


    I use the McGuffey readers.  My ds (9) will study the passage and do copywork from it, then we do the dictation.


    I used to use this:



    It is a vintage dictation book, free at Google books.  If you do some exploring there you will find lots of vintage texts that are helpful.

    Alicia Hart

    I use Spelling Wisdom…..the reason being that the passages are living and very interesting.  I have my kids type out the passages and then we study it some more the next day and then I dictate.


    I use passages from whatever classic my daughter happens to be reading at the time. Right now it’s Alice in Wonderland. I choose passages that have a few challenging words and will stretch her a bit, but not frustrate her.

    We do it twice a week. First I show her the passage I’ve chosen and give it to her to study. She studies it for as long as she needs to. When she feels confident that she can remember the spelling and punctuation, I dictate the passage to her slowly-just 3 or 4 words at a time. When we are finished, I reread the passage from start to finish so that she can hear the pauses for punctuation. Then I hand the book back to her and she checks and corrects her work.

    I do not cover up misspelled words as that would drive her crazy! I just have her correct them when she’s finished.

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