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    We finally found out we’re moving to Nebraska (again).  We report mid-January.  We took a spur of the moment trip over the weekend and bought a house!  It’s our first one so we’re excited but scared.  While we were there they had their first big snowfall of the year (about 4 inches) and my kids, who have spent most of their lives in CA or TX, were beyond ecstatic.  Now we just have to get through the craziness of cleaning, packing, closing on the house and enjoying a (hopefully) relaxing Christmas.


    Congrats on the new assignment and the new house….busy time for you but really exciting as well – I wish you all much success and happiness in the future and as for the packing etc, after 16 moves over our military years and other moves, this too shall pass and sanity will come again, lol. Blessings. Linda

    blue j

    Congratulations!  How exciting for you all!


    Yeah!  If you’re going to be at Offutt let me know.  We’re about 20 minutes away and I’ve got four girls – I’m sure they could all find something to do together!  We’d love to have you over!



    Congratuations!!!!  Hope it all goes smoothly for you all:)  Gina


    Rebekahy – That’s exactly where we’re going.  It would be fun to get together sometime….I have four boys.  Could make for some interesting times!

    I’ve been telling my friends lately that “I eat crazy for breakfast”.  This is our 9th move in 10 years.  Hopefully we’ll stay put for a bit.


    This thread has me smiling on a couple of levels.

    First, the whole idea of 4 inches of snow being a “big snowfall” has me chuckling. We live right on Lake Erie, and nothing under 10 inches qualifies as “big snow” for us. When my sister’s husband was stationed at Fort Bragg (NC), she thought it was so funny that 2 inches of snow there would shut down things for awhile….of course, no abundance of snowplows there!

    And the other thing is, 4 girls + 4 boys = culture shock, LOL! After an afternoon with each other’s families, they might just have a greater appreciation for the siblings they have.

    Blessings on your new home and the big move!


    Yeah!!  Snow is my favorite!  The kids should have a blast!  Er are moving too – next Tuesday!  It makes the holiday’s very hectic!  Hope you are able to enjoy yourselfs admist all the craziness!

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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