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  • Alicia Hart

    The Books & Things Seminar book and DVD, $30 ppd

    Mathematics An Instrument for Living Teaching book, $12 ppd

    The Burgess Bird Book for Children, good condition, $15 ppd

    The Burgess Animal Book for Children , good, $8 ppd

    A Dolphin Named BOB, $3 ppd

    Living Math: A Guided Journey with Richele Baburina & Sonya Shafer – 2 DVD set, $12 ppd

    Companion DVD Planning Your Charlotte Mason Education in 5 Simple Steps, New Version, $7 ppd

    Planning Your CM Education in 5 Simple Steps, spiral bound book, $7 ppd

    Laying Down the Rails Workshop DVD, The Quick Start, How-To Habits Workshop with Sonya Shafer, $6 ppd

    Using Language Well – Book 1- Teacher Guide and Answer Key, $10 ppd

    Using Language Well – Book 2- Teacher Guide and Answer Key, $10 ppd

    Using Language Well- Book 2- Student Book- 2 copies, $15 each ppd

    The Early Years, A Charlotte Mason Preschool Handbook, $8 ppd

    Enjoying the Early Years, 2 DVD set $5 ppd

    Your Questions Answered: Narration, $5 ppd

    A Charlotte Mason Education, A Home Schooling How-To Manual by Catherine Levison, $5 ppd

    Hearing and Reading, Telling and Writing, A CM Language Arts Handbook, $9 ppd

    106 Days of Creation Studies, A family study handbook, $10 ppd

    My Book of Centuries, thin spiral bound $10 ppd

    Foundations in Romans, A Romans Bible Grades 7-12 $10 ppd

    Junior Analytical Grammar: Student Workbook $12 ppd

    Charlotte Mason Summaries by Leslie Noelani Laurio $6 ppd

    BRAND NEW- The Mother Tongue – Adapted for Modern Students by Kittredge & Arnold $15 ppd

    First Steps Pathway Reader Lickty-Split DVD, $5 ppd

    Shark Lady, $3 ppd

    Ancient Egypt and Her Neighbors $8 ppd

    Venus Among the Fishes, Hardback $10 ppd

    Boy of the Pyramids, A Mystery of Ancient Egypt, 2 CD set – $9 ppd


    I am interested in Using Language Well Book 2 Teacher Guide – is this still available?


    I will take Your Questions Answered: Narration, $5 ppd if it’s still available!


    I’d like the mathematics book please

    Alicia Hart

    Just send me an email at   Thanks!




    I’d like laying down the rails DVD, using language well 1, and 106 days of creation studies. Please 🙂


    When I add my email address, it won’t let me post. So, not sure what the best way to proceed with the sale.


    Click on her Email Address that she posted 4 posts up from this post. You can request the items in the email

    Alicia Hart

    I am having technical problems with PayPal. So sorry!  I will post an update when it gets fixed.  Blessings!



    So none of this is available at this time?

    Need to make my purchases tomorrow so we can start the new school year. Was hoping to get these things used. 🙁

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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