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    Here is an up to date list of what I have. The other post was getting confusing. I have added some stuff I found in my bookcase clean out as well as removed what is no longer availiable. E mail is roslyn j harris at g mail dot com. I will entertain offers and combine shipping. All prices include shipping.

    A Beka Clue word cards, Gr. K5 — $15 ppd. New. Opened but never used new edition

    Alpha Omega Horizons math K set of 2 books, Gr. K — $27 ppd. Nice. teacher manual+ 1 new workbook part 2 ISBN 9780740303111

    Alpha Omega Horizons math teacher guide 1st grade, Gr. 1 — $12 ppd. Good. Teacher guide only for grade 1 ISBN 9781580959315

    Alpha Omega Horizons preschool for 3s manual, Pre-K — $8 ppd. Nice. Manual only for preschool 3 very fun and homeschool friendly ISBN 0740329995

    Alpha Omega Horizons preschool set 5 books, Pre-K — $35 ppd. Good. Prek-4 Includes 5 books. 2 teacher books, 2 student books, Materials packet. Missing 1st 4 lessons in student materials. The rest is here and unmarked. Teacher books are complete and unmarked. ISBN 9780740314490

    America First updated edition , Grs. K-5 — $15 ppd. Nice. Charlotte mason style short narrative USA histories up to ww1 ISBN 9781732432130

    Analytical Grammar DVD , Grs. 6-8 — $15 ppd. Nice. Companion DVD set 03/30   [Edit]   [Delete]

    Apples and Pears B set , Grs. K-8 — $41 ppd. New. 1 teacher notes and 2 new workbooks good for remedial or dyslexic spelling

    Apples and Pears A teacher book only $13 ppd

    Challenging word problems 3, 5 and 6, Grs. K-8 — $12 ppd. Nice. Price each Primary math by Joseph Lee out of print no writing ISBN 9812528431

    Dorling Kindersley Children`s Illustrated Encyclopedia, Grs. K-8 — $13 ppd. Nice. 25 yr anniversary edition white cover w/ dust jacket c2016 e8 ISBN 9781465451699

    EPS How to teach Spelling , Grs. K-8 — $17 ppd. Nice. Teacher guide for Orton Gillingham style spelling ISBN 0838818471

    Give your child the world , Grs. K-8 — $10 ppd. Nice. Book lists and descriptions for multicultural kids books ISBN 9780310344131

    Jr analytical grammer mechanics, Gr. 5 — $14 ppd. Nice. Student book no writing

    Jr analytical grammer dvd + teacher, Gr. 5 — $33 ppd. Nice. Nice Teacher book+ dvds for units 1-11 unscratched, case damaged

    Long`s New Language Lessons 2 books, Grs. K-5 — $15 ppd. Nice condition vintage english books part 1 and 2 CM friendly

    Master books the universe from comets, Grs. 6-8 — $7 ppd. Nice. To constellations. Hands on science investigations ISBN 9780890517970

    Math Mammoth light blue cd 4-7 — $55 ppd. Nice. Used only 1 time no scratches Complete math worktexts 4th-7th

    Math picture books kate snow , Gr. K — $13 ppd. Nice. 4 picture books used in math with confidence kindergarten

    Miquon 5 book lot! lab annotations +, Grs. K-5 — $35 ppd. Nice. Purple, Green, Blue, Yellow all new but 15 pgs pencil in blue book ISBN 0913684554

    Pathway Readers Busy Times and More Busy Times, Gr. 2 — $10 ppd. New. Set of 2 grade 2 Pathway readers

    Picture geography books Dawn to Dusk, Grs. K-5 — $20 ppd. Nice. Dawn to Dusk in a ___City stories of kids days all over world great for CM ele geography ISBN 0711220425

    Rod and Staff Building with Diligence English 4 set, Gr. 4 — $18 ppd. Nice. Teacher and student book set no marks ISBN 9780739905159

    Sabbath mood homeschool form 2 sets, Grs. K-8 — $20 ppd. Good. Book + guide physics energy, botany, magnets price each

    SCM Individual studies grade 5 , Gr. 5 — $12 ppd. Nice. Simply Charlotte Mason grade 5 lesson plans for a year ISBN 9781616343453

    SCM Mathematics an Instrument for, Grs. K-8 — $15 ppd. Nice. Living teaching CM math thoughts by Richele Baburina ISBN 9781616342012

    SCM middle ages guide , Grs. K-12 — $14 ppd. Good. Guide only wear to cover and spine simply charlotte mason

    SCM Modern times , Grs. K-12 — $30 ppd. Nice. New guide and stuff they left behind simply charlotte mason

    SCM planning your year e-set , Grs. K-12 — $10 ppd. Nice. E-book and video files onl SCM allows these to be transferred.

    SCM Rome Set , Grs. K-12 — $20 ppd. Nice. E-book guide and story of Romans simply charlotte mason

    SCM Velazquez or Rembrandt pic study, Grs. K-12 — $15 ppd. Nice. Price each Used once all complete

    Veritas Press Bede’s History of Me, Gr. K5 — $11 ppd. New. Fun introduction to timelines and ones own history ISBN 9781936648269


    Also All Through the Ages by Christine Miller. Prior edition booklosts and descriptions by time period as well as geographical location. $15 ppd

    Samantha Morgan

    Hi, I will take both the Rembrandt and Valazquez picture study sets








    I still have those. Could you email me at roslyn j harris at gmail dot com? I will then give you information so you can pay and I can ship it by early next week if not before?

    Samantha Morgan

    Yes I will thank you!

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