Trying to use Genesis Commentry w Module 1 (SONYA PLS)!!

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    Hi Everyone…..

    We began Module 1 last week and I was hoping to use the Nancy Ganz’s Genesis Commentary (even though it is not IN the Module 1 curriculum guide). There are 2 other commentaries that are listed (Exodus and Numbers), that are from Nancy’s Commentary series. Sonya had said the reason she didn’t include the Genseis Commentary, was because it was not released when the Module 1 was written. (makes sense). But now that it is out, I had to order it, while I was ordering the other ones that are required for this year.  I triple LOVE this resource, and NEED to figure out a way to integrate Module 1 with the commentary BUT I am stumped as to how to do that!

    Problem being, one chapter from the Bible equals about 4 chapters from the commentary. There is so much meat and fleshed out ideas within the text… almost makes me want to read every chapter from the commentary to really get the most from the Bible reading……BUT, we would be doing Module 1 way too long then. I guess, I either have to follow the SCM guide for pacing, or use the commentary for the pacing. OR skip the whole thing right now and go back to it next summer? I do not like skipping big chunks of the commentary (but maybe that’s my perfectionism coming out!)  🙂

    Sorry for the ramblings….I guess my question is: Has anyone used the Genesis commentary with Module 1?

    Sonya……since this is such a large question, regarding pacing for the whole year, I was hoping you could answer:

    IF this Book would have been available how WOULD youhave schedued it it, if at all? (Not sure if that is a fair question or not?)

    Looking for any suggestions!  🙂


    Following!  I would also be interested in seeing what Sonya says.  We will be doing Module 1 and I too, am curious about weather or not I should follow it as is or add in the Genesis Commentaries. 


    I am curious what Sonya thinks too. I plan to include commentaries and the Vos children’s Bible and read every morning 6-7 days per week all year for Bible study and do history/geography a few days per school week.

    Sonya Shafer

    I’m happy to offer my opinion here, because I know you will simply make it one consideration as you teach the child and do what will work best for your family.

    I probably would not include the Genesis commentary as a Family read-aloud because of its length and because that would mean doing the same thing all year long for Bible. I like the variety of having a commentary for a couple of terms and a character study and key words for the other term. It seems like it might, however, lend itself well to an additional independent read for the older students without overloading them.

    And of course, you would benefit greatly from reading it yourself in preparation for the Bible lessons and could mention interesting bits briefly as they apply.


    Thank you Sonya! I like the idea of reading it myself before lessons.


    Thank you Sonya…..

    It’s hard, for me, knowing these commentaries are so wonderful, and available……it makes me want to read them ALL! I guess  I will try to read ahead of them?>?  🙂

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