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    Is the transition from copywork to transcription something you “force” (gently)? Or do you let it happen naturally?


    I tell them they need to copy word for word and not letter for letter and to study the word before moving to copy to their paper.  You can tell by watching their eyes/head as they do the copywork.  If it is still hard, you can force it more by having the original by you and they have to leave their seat to go look at it for each word(s).  Be sure they are developmentally ready before having them transition to transcription.  In a short time they will likely prefer copying each word instead of each letter.


    I just started transcription this week…I just realized I was supposed to be doing it (oversight).   My 7yo boy is always in a rush to finish anything…specifically anything that has to do with fine motor skills.  I can tell him to “picture the word in the mind’s-eye” but he won’t slow down and do it.  What I decided to do for our transition was sit down with him side by side and do our transcription together.  We use a primary composition book (with space for illustrations at the top).  Here are my steps if anyone is interested:

    1. I write/say – you watch/listen.
      I write one word of a poem or hymn on the left side of the composition book (I’m enunciating phonetically, saying aloud each letter and modeling slow writing all at the same time)
    2. You think
      I make him close his eyes and visualize and spell the word in his head.
    3. You spell
      He then spells the word aloud
    4. You write
      I then have him write it down on the right-hand side of the notebook.  I erase and correct immediately when he begins to make a mistake (as Sonya & CM suggest).  I even erase any mal-formed letters immediately.
    5. You illustrate
      At the end I have him illustrate his copybook relevant to the words he just transcribed.
    6. little “spelling bee quiz”
      At the end, I will pick about five words from this and former lessons for him to verbally spell…no pressure… I keep it light and fun

    This has slowed copywork down A LOT; which is what I wanted.  Prior, I would write and illustrate the whole poem on the left side and he would write and illustrate on the right side all by himself as seat work.  I will say he DETESTED copywork in the beginning.  Over time with consistency he has come to take pride in his poetry collection.  He has started a new kind of frustration…he doesn’t care for the stop-and-think nor the repetitiveness of spelling & re-spelling one word at a time.  We still have the 15 – 20 minute timeframe (we of course accomplish much less of the poem at a time). I trust he’ll get over this too.  So far so good after 2-days.  So I don’t pressure him it’s just a expectation spilling over from copywork.  We’re just operating with a couple of new rules.  Hope this gives another idea of tackling transcription.

    (sorry so long 🙂



    Hmmm… some things to think about. Thanks for the suggestions.

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