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  • Sandra Wade

    I’m trying to decide how to categorize some classes for the transcript.

    Bible (general)

    Bible Apologetics

    If my son’s participation on a sports team is what we do for physical education can I just list P.E. 1 credit.  He conditions, practices, and/or plays  from July to May.


    You can get creative with your title of classes…did he do basically the same studies for Bible for the four years?  If not, you can break it down to titles like:

    Biblical Apologetics

    Old Testament Survey

    Bible Devotionals and Missionary Studies       Etc, etc

    Yes, full credit if the sport was all year, more than once a week.

    “Basketball Team-physical conditioning, practices and games”



    Are you talking about giving a credit for Bible Apologetics and a separate one for Bible in the same year or in different years?

    If your student is college bound, you may want to see what credits are acceptable on your state’s department of education web site.

    Here in Florida, 2 half credits of Bible are acceptable so that is what I put on the transcript even though we do Bible every year, all year.

    Your son’s sports involvement is plenty for his Physical Education credit.


    I was told that if your teen is applying at a secular school,  and especially a state school,  it is best for your transcripts and course descriptions to match the usual.  This is an area where it is better to blend in,  to give the college confidence in your ability to conform;)

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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