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    If there is a thread out there already, please direct me to it.  I did a quick search and didn’t find anything.

    We will be starting a wall timeline this year.  When I was discussing this with my dh, I told him that my understanding was that you put items on as you study them/talk about them.  He wants to put items on the timeline that he considers major turning points in history as benchmarks.  While I don’t disagree with that, I have a hard time having items up there that we haven’t talked about.  It doesn’t seem like she would make a connection with it.  Dd is 6. 

    So here’s the question – I will honor my husband and we will have the items on the timeline by the end of the year that he thinks we should have on there.  But I would like to do so in a way that I am comfortable with as well.  Is it okay to put some items up without covering them or should we find a picture book about the events to read before we put it on the timeline?  We’ll end up covering it in greater detail later, but do a cursory overview to start with?




    I think that you will find 100% support here to follow your husband’s plan. God will honor that and everything will be fine. Putting them up and explaining that you will talk about them later will be enough, I think. She will understand as you go because she will see it all coming together. I think it’s awesome that your husband is excited about a timeline! What a blessing he will be to you and your daughter as he is involved with her schooling through the years.




    I understand your frustration… not that you said you were frustrated, but I know when my husband does things like that I can get frustrated.  What I’m learning to do is just go with it.  I try to be really excited when my dh makes suggestions and then later on I can sit and figure out if it’s really something I can implement or if there’s a kind way I can approach him to let him know I had something different in mind – my knee jerk reaction has been to be defensive when he makes a suggestion – which comes across as controlling and really ends up with a “fight” over something that just isn’t a big deal… So, that’s probably not at all what you nee to hear, but it’s theraputic to me – so I appreciate ya’ll letting me share!

    Now, about that timeline.  I’d ask your DH if he’d like to give you a list of major events that he’d like on the timeline.  I’d encourage him not to be TOO detailed in picking events, but really just sticking with major ones.  Then I’d suggest that just YOU, not dd list all those events on the Timeline, maybe even with a picture or something “tantilizing” so that she’s curious abou them.  Then I’d just do history as you planned, adding things to the timeline as they come up and using your Major Events as things to look forward to.  So you could say finish putting up something up on the timeline with your DD and then say, “and Next Monday we get to find out about the signing of the declaration of independence!  This is one of those special events that Daddy is really excited that you get to learn about!!!”  And then maybe find a living book about the event at the library and have Daddy read about it with her in the evening.  This would be something fun and a way for him to feel involved without having to spend a ton of time and it might help make a great impression on her about that particular event because she gets to learn about it with daddy! 



Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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