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    I need some creative ideas 🙂 I have a 6, 5, & a very included 4 year old (his choice, not mine LOL) We are all doing history together. I have VERY little wall space, but I still want to try to make something work on the wall. I have a corner that might work and I saw a picture of a really nice time line in a corner when I did a google search. One side was B.C. and the other was A.D. with Jeus on the “crack” My problem is… there will be 3 Leif Ericksons, 3 Columbuses, 3 Pilgrims, 3 Jesus, 3 Noahs, 3 Josephs, well.. you get the idea. I’m thinking that if I put the lines far enough apart that I could put all 3 of each vertical above each other. I need your opinion before I go to all the work of making it. What creative ideas do all you ladies have for a limited wallspace, multiple children time line? Thanks bunches for sharing!


    I used file folders to make an accordion style timeline that unfolds. It slides right on our bookshelf when folded and when you open it there is lots of room. We only put one figure on when we do history, rather than one for each child. This saves lots of room and since we school in the dining room I don’t have a huge timeline on the wall! We will use this family timeline until they each start their own book of centuries.



    I went with simple this time. We have a ribbon (from the sewing section) on the wall, the corner is our divider as well. It is unmarked. To add to it we color & glue clipart onto half a 3×5 card, then label it. I use my hole punch and a paper clip to put the card on the timeline. It works and gets used.

    Sara B.

    Oh, that’s a great, simple idea!  We could even just use a string/twine and clothespins.  I have been trying to figure out what to do for a timeline, because like most moms, I don’t have that much wall space.  Thanks for that great idea!


    I like the ribbon idea.  I used that concept to create a numberline for math.

    Here is one idea.  It’s basically a staircase timeline. 


    Another idea is a circular timeline.  Here is an example of one you can purchase, but you could also make your own.  It has BC on the right half and AD on the left, which could fit in your corner.  The years are marked like the spokes on a wheel.

    http://bibletimeline.net/   I actually bought this one and we just refer to it as we go, rather than creating our own.  We are doing a family Book of Centuries and use the circular timeline to help us figure out which things to put on each page.



    Tara- I LOVE your file folder idea! We’ve run out of wall space and this will work just perfectly! I’ll be starting it tomorrow…..


    Well, we devoted a room to two rows of wall timeline on poster board, but I do love the ideas of the ribbon or string and clothespins and also the file folder one. I wanted it out all the time and big, and since I had the wall space, I used it up and divided my wall space by the time periods to make the timeline fit my space. You could do the same with the posterboard as the file folders and tape them together to fold up accordian style. I just knew that I would not get it out as much as I would like, so I love it out on the wall all the time.

    As far as timeline figures, we limit space to 1/2 of a 3 X 5 notecard and take turns with the children. They might both color or make a figure but I only put one up on the timeline. Sometimes I choose one to make the timeline figure and I have a corresponding coloring page for the other to do. I do all of the handwriting so it is neat. So it is a matter of taking turns.


    Wow. Thanks for all of the really great ideas. I too have decided I want it out to refer to at a glance. I want them to see a big overview of time. So they understand that Laura Ingalls Wilder was living at a very different time than Noah 🙂 I’ve decided to go with the corner idea that I had. I’ll do BC on one wall to the left and on the right wall the AD will be. I think if I do it right I can get 3 small figures for each one so everyone at these ages can see their work and feel a part of things.

    Now…. anyone have any terrific on line sources for the tiny timeline figures? I am looking for something that is black and white that they can color in for each person/event. I’m thinking there must be something FREE on line 🙂 There looks to be a lot of resources but all in packaged kits. Lovin all the ideas! Thanks!


    Here are some free sites:   http://etc.usf.edu/clipart/sitemap/sitemap.php  and  http://www.phillipmartin.info/clipart/homepage.htm

    Here are some others that cost:   http://www.homeschoolinthewoods.com/HTTA/timeline.htm    http://www.bfbooks.com/Timelines  or   http://www.timelinesetc.com/lds/

    There are others, but I have looked at these recently.

    The Homeschool in the Woods site has some really fun ideas to make the timeline figures into games and things.  Look for those ideas.   =)   HTH

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