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    Hi There,

    Those of you using Notgrass’ Exploring America, how did you schedule it?  Did you use all parts of it? 

    My daughter is finishing up his World History and she just goes on to the next lesson.  We have not done any of the quizes, tests, or writing assignments, though she does answer the questions on the literature books selected.  We were taking a seperate writing class on the side though.

    For this coming year, I’d like all three of my olders to use Exploring America.  We will not be having any other writing class so I’d like them to use the writing assignments and some of the tests.  My children need pretty detailed instructions of what to do each day or some of them totally neglect whatever I’m not on top of (though I don’t directly teach them any more).  So, I’m not exactly sure how to schedule this out on paper for them to use?  Any ideas?  I’m in planning mode.  Many Thanks!

    Betty Dickerson


    Missy OH

    We did world history this year and I’m considering using Am.  next, but I haven’t decided.  Over the summer I went through the book and crossed out the assignments I didn’t want them to do and writing small notes as needed with pencil.  I highlighted the writing assignments I wanted done.  I looked through the lit books and wrote down the pages I wanted them to read where they were assigned.

    This year I plan on writing my own essay questions for them to answer instead of the tests (which are way too simple imo), adding in U.S. map activities, and assigning a couple of written literary analysis papers.

    Since I’m doing all that work to plan it out, I’m seriously considering using the SCM recommendations instead.  It would be a nice change.

    hth Smile




Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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