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    We will be doing ancient Egpyt starting in August . I purchased the stuff they left behind for Ancienct Egypt and my question is how do I schedule / fit it in? I did not see it in the TOC of Module 1 . I know the notes say to use them before or after reading in a living history book but not much else was mentioned.  Is it meant to be random , as in we are free to pick and choose the order?  And how often ? Should the cards be done in  any specific order ???  I just was not sure, and feel a bit dull for asking this ! Sometimes I ask questions and then I end up  discovering the answer for myself 🙂

    Thanks for helping me out with this.



    Are you doing the Year 1 SCM guide?

    We did it last year and it schedules in which days to do which picture from “Stuff they left behind” It was not in the TOC, just in the text


    Ok that makes sense . Yes, the Year 1 History module is what we will be doing…. Thanks so much ! 

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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