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    So, History was a huge struggle for my 7 yr. old and I this year. I started with Module 1, then tried combining it with SOTW (mostly for the activity pages) thinking that would help (that did not last long at all…not a fan of SOTW) and eventually, kind of started over with doing a timeline on the wall (a free printable set I found online). Needless to say, I over complicated everything and we basically never got beyond Term 1 in Module 1. So now, I feel “behind” and while we school year round, I like to do completely different things in the summer for a “change of scenery” so to speak. So I’m torn as to weather I should try to finish Module 1 in the summer and pick-up with module 2 in the fall, or just do something different and start fresh with module 1 again in the fall? Or at least pick up with Term 2? What would YOU do?


    Hi. I feel your pain. Before I found Charlotte Mason/Simply Charlotte Mason, I used SOTW. It was a horrible year for history, so dry and boring — no connection to the material. I didn’t feel like he was getting it and he was not enjoy the journey. So for 2nd grade I had to do something completely different and exciting. I switch to TruthQuest and we only studied American History. Totally off the normal history cycle. We are finishing American History this summer and will be starting world history over again. It was the best thing I could have done. Both of my sons (1st and 3rd) have been able to engage with history and remember it and enjoy it on their levels. We have loved history for the last two years and I think we are ready to go back to world history and plug in what we have learned about our country. I am not saying that you should do American History but a change will do you good. Pick a period of history or an event that you can bring to life and enjoy it this summer. A new approach, living books, and time period changed the way my boys responded and related to history. I hope my personal experience will provided you with some comfort. All hope is not lost.



    I always say, “behind what?”  Honestly, just do the next thing.  Your child is only 7.  At this age I always recommend focusing on the “story” of history anyway.  If all you do is enjoy great books together, you are successful and are not behind anything.  It’s OK to find some books to share this summer.  Relax and enjoy.


    I always ask people what they remember from their school years at that age. Usually it’s nothing or not much. So, like Robin said, you aren’t behind anything! If you keep going with living books, your child will be way ahead.

    At 7, just enjoy. Read something that you both would enjoy and engage in. And then decide what to continue with in the fall once you’ve stepped away for a bit.


    I agree, you are not behind.
    Personally I am not a fan of Ancient history with younger elementary. We skipped from SCM 1 (with a bit of 2) to year 4 and next year will be doing Early American & World (year 5).
    This year has been so much smoother, there are just not as many books for early elementary in Ancients and my kids just found more to “connect to” this year compaired to Ancients.
    I would not worry about a perfect history cycle, or doing it “right” because there seems to be a different “right” for each family 🙂


    Just keep going in the direction you are headed and leave your expectations at the door. 🙂 We did the Early Modern Module for my 6 year old. We ONLY did the American History lessons and guess what???  We only got to Lesson 27 for the whole year. BUT, we would stop and read living books on the people/topics my daughter wanted to learn more about from SCM’s Stories of America. I just referred to my Truth Quest Guide, the SCM forum, and The SCM Bookfinder for ideas on living books. We had a great year! Please give yourself some grace and look back on what you DID accomplish, not what you didn’t. I was tempted to do the same thing. It’s ok! You are not behind here in these precious early years of school. It’s a wonderful time with our children to be enjoyed. You could do a project for the summer to change up the pace. Build a model about something you read this year, cook a recipe, or make costumes and write a play. 🙂

    Wishing you the best! Mollie


    I have never used SOTW but just the SCM guides. We are on year 6 and I just counted today even with skipping some stuff I need 45 days to finish! So I know the feeling of being behind. I think if I was in your position I would go ahead with my summer plans (i like to do different things in the summer as well) and pick up in the fall with term 2 of the first guide.  I also wouldn’t worry about adding more things to do. I think just reading the great books that are recommended and having them narrate orally and/or draw a picture of what the story was about is enough. That’s what I do with my kids since they were in K and 1st grade. I even got sketch books for all at them just for History drawings.


    I always felt behind with other materials, but never with SCM history modules. 🙂  Your child is young, so you are totally fine.  Take that change of scenery.  Start with mod 1/term 2 in the fall.  I wouldn’t go back over what you already covered.


    Thank you for asking your question about what to do.  I also needed the encouragement from the wise ladies on this forum.

    We only have 29 days of school left (to be legal) and we will probably  be finished with SCM History/Bible module 2 term 2 but that is okay.  Some days we did 2 lessons (1 History and 1 Bible).  Other days we only did 1/2 Bible lesson so it wouldn’t be so much to digest, although I have to say my ds8 and dd6 have thoroughly enjoyed this module.  Ds8 has thoroughly enjoyed The Story of the Greeks and even had a Trojan Horse birthday cake recently.  We really enjoyed the book of Judges and my children are so excited that we are trying to read through the Bible (even though it is not every single verse, I am glad they are enjoying it).  We also read 2 books that were recommended for grades 4-6 which they enjoyed.

    So, we will stop for a nice summer break and pick up where we left off in the fall…even though I already bought the materials for module 3:-)




    Thank you ladies for all of this great encouragement. I haven not responded as we are getting ready to move from TX back home to FL this Friday (with only a 2 weeks notice). So things have been crazy busy. lol. As far as the “behind what?” question – I felt like, with 6 modules, that they were supposed to be covered twice during their schooling. At least that’s how I thought it worked. And grace… I always struggle with giving myself grace. I’m working on it though.

    I have decided to “Let it go! Let it go!” -Sorry of the song gets stuck in your head now. 😉 I’m FINALLY going to start reading these YWAM Heroes & Heroes of History for Young Readers that I have not had time to squeeze in. And if those spark questions about people, places or events, then we will expand on it at the Library. And I am pondering if I will pick up with Module 1, Term 2 in the Fall or just focus on American History since she keeps asking about it. I know that’s not the most CM approach but, if she is asking, I feel like I should take her lead in that area.

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