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    As mentioned in The Outdoor Secrets Companion book, I recently bought a copy of The Owl and the Woodpecker. My 5.5yoDD nabbed the book the minute I opened the package. It was only today that I finally looked and saw that it also DID contain the accompanying audio CD! New, never even opened!  (I do now recall that I actually looked for a used seller that did claim to be selling the book with the CD; so glad i did!)

    Tonight she asked about the “bird music” in the back so we popped in the cd and opened the book to the pages in the back that give a quick reference to each bird featured on the CD. She came up with the idea to move a little statue picture to picture each time a new bird was announced. We listened to the entire CD. It was such a fun little activity to do at her bedtime snack. She’s already asked when we can listen again. I told her she can get the book and look at the nice pictures anytime she wants and sometime soon we can listen again!

    Anyway, thank you for the great (optional) book suggestion!


    Karen Smith

    So glad you enjoyed it! When I did the research for The Outdoor Secrets Companion, I borrowed all the books from the library. I did not even know until now that The Owl and the Woodpecker came with a CD. Thanks for that bit of information.

    By the way, if you and your daughter can learn even a few of the bird calls, you will have an easier time seeing the birds when you are outside. Knowing bird calls helps tremendously in being aware that the birds are around and in locating them so you can see them.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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