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    Hi there, πŸ™‚

    My family recently moved to Texas in the Frisco/McKinney area. It is nice, but now we really want to concentrate on trying to find a smaller, less expensive house so we can pay the mortgage down quickly and be debt free one day.  The kicker is though that I really would like some land – and no HOA.  An acre would be nice, two would be too much for our price point I am sure.  My husband works in Irving.  I talked this over with our realtor and he made the cheap areas, like around Fort Worth, sound like crime riddled danger zones and/or the worst commute ever.  I am sure this is true in some areas, but it can’t be true in all of Fort Worth or other less expensive towns!  So, since you ladies who live here and know it well, can you tell me what cities around Irving (like within about 25 miles) would be inexpensive and safe to live in?  Anywhere we can have a house with land- and still be safe?  And a decent drive?  He has me all freaked out!  

    Thank you for any wisdom you can share! Smile



    Texan here as well Cool. Have you considered areas out towards Waxahachie or Maypearl? I live in that area and it is pretty rural once you get out of “the city”. There are lots of houses for sale too around here, but I am not sure of the pricing.  I guess it depends on how far you are willing to drive to get to work. My husband used to work in Plano for five years but has since found employment in Dallas.Of note, Lancaster also has a rep for being a bit high on crime and Oak Cliff is definitely an area to avoid.




    Oh…just saw what you were looking in driving time, etc. Sorry…but I am a bit clueless on the distance thing sometimes. I only venture out as far as Cedar Hill, Midlothian or Arlington. Embarassed


    My DH worked in the FtW area on a project last year for @ 6 months. He stayed in Denton (@6 hrs N of our home πŸ™ .)

    The Denton area was nice. Burleson, too. Not sure about crime rate. He said 866 (which is a loop around the metro area) would mean 25-30 min or commute to Irvig as he remembers. But, he said if you don’t leave before 4:30 pm, expect up to hours for the commute. one evening he left that area right before 5pm to head back to Denton and hot in just before 8pm. This link might have more people to answer your questions. Or, try which lists Homeschool info. for Arlington, Dallas, Denton, Fort Worth, Irving, and more.




    We used to live in Burleson and Cleburne.  We loved it down there!  I had a patient I had to see in Mansfield and all towns surrounding.  But, you are looking at a 40+ minute drive to any of those.  I only headed north when necessary.  I’m not much of a city gal.  Prefer to stay home. I have an aunt in Grand Prairie.  She has never talked about any crime around her. There are definately areas of every town to avoid.  The area around John Peter Smith County Hospital is NOT an area I would want to live.  You can call the police and the county sheriff’s office and talk to them.  The last two times we moved, when we found a place we liked we called the police to ask about the safety of the area.  They have been happy to tell me of any calls for that road and area.  It has been very helpful.  Happy house hunting.  I know it is a stressful thing.  We just moved about 2 months ago and the house was not fixed as we expected or is the owner willing to do anything, so we are moving again this Friday.  Thankfully we never unpacked much.  I hope your search and move goes smoothly.


    Hello! I have lived in Grand Prairie for about 18 years. It is a decent city, neighboring Irving. We are tired of city life though, and about six months ago I started checking on available land within 20 miles. It doesn’t seem easy to come by, unless you head pretty far south. There are a few 1-2 acres properties in Cedar Hill, Duncanville, and De Soto. If you continue heading south into Mansfield, Alvarado and Midlothian area there are LOTS more options. Of course, this adds to the commute. (My hubby currently works north of downtown Dallas, which is a nightmare. We are praying for an easier commute!) I’m more familiar with Dallas county than Tarrant. I will say that anything in north Fort Worth off Loop 820 is a traffic nightmare ALL THE TIME. (I have a cousin that lives near Keller.) And generally, north DFW is more expensive than south. HTH Smile


    I’m rolling on the floor with laughter about not living in Oak Cliff. We lived there for 18 months! ha! Granted my hubby was in Bible school, and we lived on the campus grounds, so it wasn’t like livin’ in the ‘hood, if you know what I mean. No, you most definitely do not want to live in Oak Cliff, a.k.a. “the ghetto”. 

    However, we LOVED Cedar Hill, which is about 10 minutes away, down Hwy. 67. Cedar Hill is a small town with big city amenities like Super Target, Sheridan’s (the best frozen custard ever), and a new shopping center with splash fountain. There are some upscale restaurants there too. If we ever had to move back to the DFW area, Cedar Hill is where I would want to land. De Soto and Duncanville (most parts) are also very nice, and the city of De Soto has done a very good job of sprucing up the town. Both towns are 5-7 miles from Cedar Hill.  One great thing about this area of Dallas is that there is almost no traffic congestion on Hwy. 67. That is, until you get to I35, and then you run into problems. We have family who live in the White Rock Lake/Highland Park area, which is very nice and many of the lots are large. It is expensive, however. And off Hwy 75 and 635, traffic is CRAZY. Midlothian was a nice town too, but definitely adds to a commute.


    I asked my husband.  He suggested that you try Justin or Argyle.  They are fairly rural areas, but still a decent drive into Irving if you take Highway 114.  Also, you might try contacting the lady who blogs at smockityfrocks.  I know she lives in the fort Worth area, and if I’m remembering correctly, they have a little bit of land.


    Hi. I’m in north Fort Worth, just south of the Alliance Airport area. I don’t know much about Justin, but Argyle is VERY expensive. There is land there, but the cost is outrageous. You could look at Roanoke. It’s just north of Keller and has easy access 114 which heads out towards Irving. Even driving from my area to Irving is not too bad. I used to drive my son out that way for fencing…it took us about 30 minutes or so in that 5pm to 7pm traffic time frame. I’m east of IH35W…the Fort Worth IH35. There is a lot availabe in my area. And yes, traffic is horrible, but we get out pretty often and it’s awful everywhere in the DFW metroplex. Some areas are newer and have great new house incentives. My neighborhood is about 20 years old now…but our house is 12 years old…our section was the last one built. I think our house would probably go for about 160,000 now…although I could be way off…just thinking about some other houses that have sold. Our house is two-story, four beds/2.5 baths/2 car garage/2400 sq. ft…nothing fancy, but nice. One-story houses go for a lot less…maybe $120,000.

    You could check a website called Hot On Homes for new houses.




    I think south Grand Prairie/Mansfield close to 360 might be a good option or Cedar Hill. I don’t know  much about North of the Metroplex.  We live in Mansfield, depending on traffic 40-45 minutes to get to Irving, but we do not live near to 360, we are closer to 287/1187 .  There are some good areas in FTW, but I try to avoid going there because I don’t handle traffic well.  LOL..I don’t even go to Dallas unless someone else is driving.  I grew up in Arlington, but it is not the same town πŸ™ There are still some good areas in Arlington, too.  Burleson has some nice options price-wise.  My husband works there so we considered moving.


    I also sent you a PM πŸ™‚

    Nice to “see” so many in the DFW area! We might have to have a CM party sometime πŸ™‚ 

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