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    Advice and opinions please:
    Last year was our first year homeschooling and I was fairly relaxed with forcing narration. My daughter loved her charter school for kindergarten and 1st. All last year, she referenced her old school and routines often. This year, I feel like we are finally, slowly getting into a homeschooling routine. Yet, we still struggle with “ok, let’s do schoolwork.” Anyhow….I require her to narrate our Apology science, which came easiest to her first. Then, I began having her more regularly narrate Bible to me. I’ll be honest that I don’t require it every single time. May 1 or 2 times a week. Ancient Greeece readings, I require maybe 1 time a week…so every other time. She really struggles with grasping the history. Although, I’m happy she is getting a taste for it and grasping basic ideas. I don’t expect her to remember names or event names yet. I struggled to grasp Greek history in high school. My thinking is that she will grasp it further when we come back to the module later. Anyhow, here are her answers to the term questions. Knowing what I’ve shared above, how can I encourage more details? For a 9 year old, third grade girl, is this sufficient? I fell like it is good enough but definitely could use improvement. She drew a picture of David and Goliath – not something during his reign as king. Then, she couldn’t recall a battle. The history of Greeks is full of battles she could describe without remembering names or places. Help? Advice for moving forward to term 3 please?

    Oh – I type while she narrates for entry in her PA portfolio.

    Draw a picture of an event from King David’s reign and tell about it.
    David was a shepard boy. All of his other brothers were stronger. Samuel went to get the brothers but didn’t know which one. God kept saying no to the brothers. But God said it doesn’t matter what they look like or how strong they are. It matters what they look like on the outside. Then the dad showed him the shepard boy. His name was David. There was this big giant that always fought the Isrealites. Saul was the king and wasn’t a very good king. He didn’t know about this David plan and that he wasn’t going to be king anymore. That David was going to be king. No one could fight this big giant, Goliath. David was only a little boy and said he would do it. But they didn’t understand and got him armor and let him go anyhow. He said he didn’t need the armor. He took a slingshot and stone. He shot the stone and killed Goliath. And David became king.

    Tell the story of how God granted Solomon one request.
    Solomon wanted to be wise. God gave Solomon his wish. Solomon used this wisdom.

    Tell a story about the prophet Elijah or the prophet Elisha.
    Elisha always followed Elijah and Elijah would always say no. One time when Elisha followed Elijah, God took Elijah away and Elisha did miracles.

    Tell a story of a battle in Ancient Greece.
    There was a battle between Sparta and Athens.

    Tell about a person from Ancient Greece whom you admire.
    The guy who died in jail. His friends were there talking to him. He told them to go and they didn’t. They saw him die and wrote his last words on a tablet. He did good things and wandered who made him. He studied and did experiments. He was nice.


    I think this is really good!  The first one particularly is fabulous, and the others are pretty good too.  I would probably ask for some more about the Greek battle, but overall I would be very pleased.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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