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    We just finished our first term assessment time this week, and my 7 yo and I both seemed to enjoy it more than I expected. It was fun to revisit many of the things we learned together in such a relaxed and pleasant fashion. There were a few tears I have to admit (since my son is a perfectionist but also thinks outloud and was getting upset when he realized I was typing out everything he was saying as he sorted out his thoughts), but overall, I’m so pleased with our first “testing” experience of our homeschooling journey together. I ended up spreading out the assessment questions throughout the week so that we did 2-3 per day rather than doing them all in one fell swoop. I found the suggested questions on Ambleside Online as well as in an SCM article helpful, so here are the links in case anyone else is a newbie and would like to have some guidance for getting started.




    So glad to here others enjoy the review of a term and thanks for the links…. wll check them out, but not sure if my kids will let me mess with the system we have going. My kids wanted a test like the public school kids get, but I really am not interested in doing standardized tests at this time, so I decided to do a CM type of test with a kick. We have covered so much material in just one term…it is just amazing. Anyway we are doing lots of geography this year and that included a lesson on maps and how to draw and read a map etc. I included this as a part of the test by drawing a map of the house and marking a special location…different for each kid. I then hid a small treat in the location and cut the map up into about 20 pieces. I then had a stack of completed books and I would hold up the book and then I had kids flip a coin to see who got which book and I made 2 stacks and then took turns going through the books having kids tell me all they knew. I was blown away at how much was retained and loved the review day and all the discussions we had. Kids would get a piece of the map for every narration completed. I also threw in some math problems too and had them orally tell me which reader they liked best from the ones they had already read for this school year. I just had fun with it and didn’t really prepare a set of questions at all. After each piece, kids would work on putting the puzzle together and they were thrilled to find the special location and the nice little reward.  Later that night my daughter told me public school kids were crazy cause all they do is complain about the STARR testing and testing is super fun. Ha!  This would fall under the….You know you are a homeschooler when for sure!


    cdm2kk – that’s a great idea!  And it sounds like fun, too.  Thanks for sharing it.

    I’m ashamed to admit that I’ve never done any term exams with my girls.  (They do take the math quizzes and tests in their math curriculum.  Other than that, we just do narrations/ writing assignments, etc. as we go along.)

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