Teaching with morning sickness and through pregnancy

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    I used motion sickness bracelets with my third son, when I was sick most of the pregnancy. My dad recommended them–he’d just finished chemotherapy and they’d helped him. That did help some. I think it didn’t make me feel terrific, but it did help me keep down liquids, anyway, which was good, as I was getting tired of showing up for iv’s every so often. 🙂 I also tried the B6-Unisom thing for a while. Nothing really improved things until a couple of weeks after Baby came, lol, but at least it seemed to help enough to “get by”. I began homeschooling that year, and I spent lots of time reading out loud while lying on the couch. An interesting side note–my 4yo at the time wanted me to teach him to read. Well, I kept telling him it’d be easier if we learned LATER. So I kept putting him off. But I put both him and his 6yo brother in their rooms for a quiet hour each afternoon while I rested. And unknown to me, the 6yo “taught” the 4yo to read. Surprise! LOL

    I am due in April with blessing number 4 and was so exhausted until i started taking more foods rich in iron and calcium. Now i feel so much better! Although I’m a newbie to homeschooling, I agree with whoever wrote that kids learn about life through all the things that go on in our homes. Chores, reading aloud, devotions and allowing the kids to play together are all part of the learning experience aren’t they. And i also agree with what you wrote bookworm about quiet hour. We have only just started ‘quiet time’ or ‘rest time’ in our house after lunch each day and usually at least 2 fall asleep which allows me to rest a little too and is so good for their own wellbeing.

    God bless you!


    Wow! What sweet responses. Thank you:)

    In response to some of the posts, when I fell asleep in the middle of the history narration, I woke up and none of the kids were in the room. They had all gone down to the basement. When I finally found them, I asked my oldest son what happened, and he said, “Mom, you fell asleep right in the middle of my narration so we decided to go down and play and let you rest.” Thankfully, everyone took care of each other:)

    As far as motion sickness bands go, I have used the ones that look like sport bands with little plastic beads. They helped out a little, but I didn’t like the permanent looking indentations that they left as I wore them all the time:) I’ve also used the vitamin B and 1/2 a unisom with my first pregnancy, but it completely knocked me out, so I didn’t want to take that chance with little ones running around. I went to a Health Food Store, and they gave me a Ginger Honey Tonic that I can mix with hot water or just place on my tongue. This has been really helpful. She also gave me these organic prenatal multi-vitamins that are made from whole foods. They dissolve quickly, are rich in vitamin B, and amazingly I haven’t thrown them up. I was also given Red Raspberry Leaves extract, but was told to use this sparingly, as needed, for nausea. I can place it on my tongue or make an herbal tea with it.

    In response to the tummy dilemma, I think that after baby 4, my body just knew exactly what to do. I haven’t been able to fit into my regular jeans since I was 6 – 8 weeks pregnant:) Just part of the package!

    Thank you again for your kind words. My kids really have been helpful. My 2 year old daughter even decided to potty train herself (much to my dismay at first…I love it now) because I wasn’t able to help her. (None of my other kids did that.) My 11-year old is an expert pancake maker and for Christmas made me a bunch of coupons that he drew himself (like free babysitting so I can rest, cleaning toilets, breakfast in bed, …) I think that was by far my favorite Christmas present this year:) I know that this baby is such a blessing and that Heavenly Father wouldn’t have blessed me with this pregnancy if I couldn’t handle it. I also feel so much gratitude for the sickness, as it hopefully means that this is a strong pregnancy (I’ve miscarried twice before). I guess I just need to rejoice in this season, do what I can, and know that things will get better, as far as schooling goes. Thanks again!


    BTW…any tips for grammar for older kids (ages 10-12)? I’ve been looking at multiple different curriculums from Montessori grammar to Rod and Staff grammar, but haven’t chosen one yet. I’ve been too sick to come up with things on my own. All we do right now is a little bit of spelling and handwriting practice. Thanks:)

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