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    I volunteered to teach middle school literature at out homeschool co-op.  We will be using Notgrass history throughout the co-op and the literature class is to go along with From Adam to Us.  I have a list of books to choose from that I have never read.  And I have no idea how to make a literature class last an hour if I don’t spend the whole time just reading. So, I need ideas. I can also include some writing in the class.

    And I have to get the list down to 6 books. Any suggestions of which two in this list to get rid of? Thanks!

    The Golden Goblet, A Single Shard, Ott of of the Silver Hand, The King’s Fifth, Madeline Takes Command, The Switherby Pilgirms, Chestry Oak and Children of the Storm



    Don’t get rid of A Single Shard!  I’m begging you!

    : )


    I’d vote for keeping A Single Shard, The Golden Goblet, and Chestry Oak. They are all great! The Golden Goblet is a mystery story from Ancient Egypt….not scary and not into the religion. A Single shard is a neat look at ancient Eastern culture.

    I’d read up on narration and teach some written narration at whatever level the class is. You could begin with oral narration if need be. That would help them in later essay writing and speaking and use up some time.



    I’m thinking I’ll not use Madeleine Takes Command or Switherby Pilgrims. I want to use Switherby Pilgrims, but it’s expensive!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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