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    Anyone use this? I have seen great reviews on it. I have a chance to buy the 6th and 7th grade levels at a huge discount. Just wanting some opinions before I buy.


     My daugh uses it , I will quote her here “it isn’t done too quickly and you will fully understand the concepts and you will smile doing your math”

    My daugh has learning diffabilities. and she really struggled with math… we bought the best of the best, so to speak and always came up short . After doing mucho research, we realised they were all the same, the very spiral method, that SM talks about…which explains why we always came to the same dead end…I have a 7 yr old that we have decided to delay his math entry via textbooks and follow SM recommendations…

    By all means take advantage of the discounts…You won’t be sorry. But keep in mind this is not a program with color and bells and whistles and in todays media stimulated environ that could pose a problem with a child b/c they only have known that way….

    Best wishes



    Thank you, can you tell me what my girl needs to have mastered to start in the 6th grade program?


    I’ve yet to use it, but will as soon as dd10 is ready.

    I’ve called and spoken with the author & his daughter on two occasions to have questions answered. I would encourage you to do so, too.



    My oldest used level 7 & 8 and it was a HUGE blessing; He can testify to what KK’s daughter said. It truly builds a strong foundation and, for my son, filled in some major cracks. This year, he switched to a different math program (Thinkwell) but told me just last week that he’d rather go back to Systematics for the remaining of Alg 1 & 2…..since nobody teaches like Mr. Paul and helps him to “really get it”. The only problem we had with the program, is that it does not give solutions to every problem if needed, this caused difficulty for me since I’m not a math scholar. However, we found that Paul was very willing to answer any of our questions by phone or email. Though its not glitsy nor are the videos professionally done (sound can be a bit difficult to hear sometimes), it is well worth the money for the strength and completeness of the program. I, too, say go for it. 


    I would like to buy a used set of Algebra 1 of Systematic Mathematics.  How did I miss this all these years?

    Does anyone have one to sell me?  Thanks.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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